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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lila is 6

Our dear daughter has turned 6 years old. My oh my. She is sometimes the sweetest, most wonderful, loving, kind girl. Other times she screams and hits and won't listen to anything. Oh the joys of raising children! But we always love her and I have learned to try and feel sad instead of angry when she is acting out. And to treasure and soak in all the great moments. How lucky I am to be this girl's mom. Here are some things about her:

still loves pink. kayla is still her best friend. LOVES kindergarten. i think she loves it so much because of her amazing teacher, Ms. Monroe. reads like a boss. adds and subtracts better than anyone in her class. still needs training wheels. likes going to the park. loves holding babies. loves playing in the snow. can make her own snowman. loves chocolate donuts with sprinkles. loves to draw and color. makes lots of messes with paper and writing utensils. loves star wars, although she has never even seen an entire movie. is nervous about moving. but sometimes also gets excited. is very concerned with how she looks. she looks great no matter what. likes to boss around her little brother. he never listens. is over-the-moon excited that new baby will be a sister. writes cards and draws pictures for people all the time. likes to follow the rules. doesn't seem to notice that she breaks all the rules at home. but follows them everywhere else. frequently informs her parents when they are doing something inappropriate ("mom, you aren't wearing your seatbelt!"). learning about music and loves it. her ballet class got more serious and technical and she says it's not as fun :(. is becoming more responsible. as always, we love her to pieces and can't imagine life without her.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Nick is Two

Nick turned two and I wasn't around to see it. In fact, I completely forgot about it. Some parent I am, huh? I was too busy frolicking around the shores of Hawaii and didn't even say happy birthday when we FaceTimed with him. Yup. I guess all that sun brainwashed me. Nevertheless, I love him deeply and am so glad to call him mine! Here are some things about him:

loves riding his new scooter. likes most foods. loves sweets. teases his sister. loves her to death. worries when people get hurt and asks "ok? ok?". we think he would like nursery if it wasn't at nap time. likes to copy mom and Lila. this has resulted in painted toenails, wearing headbands, and sporting Lila's pink panties. speaking of panties, he hasn't used a diaper since the 4th of July. pees and poops on the potty like a champ. we are still trying to get him to say undies instead of panties. had a hard time with pooping on the potty at first but now he loves it. also sleeps in undies and doesn't wet the bed. we are so stinking proud of this accomplishment. loves being outside. has a nicely growing vocabulary. loves brushing his teeth. still takes a binky during naps and at night. tries to sneak it out of his crib during the day when I'm not looking. has recently developed an attachment to a certain blanket. has a little girlfriend named Lynlie who always tries to hug him when she sees him, but he pushes her and screams. then a minute later he hugs her back. they like to cause mischief together. sometimes people ask if they are twins. they started potty training together too. overall, he is the sweetest, cutest little boy but he is finally developing his terrible twos and pushing boundaries. wish us luck!

I lost my phone and am missing several pictures. :'( but here are some recent ones I have of my sweet boy.
 Nick watching uncle Brian get a haircut. I included it just because I have so few pictures.

Bed head.

He loves my shoes

Beach trip in June

Family sillies

with both the heels and the headband

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lila Turns 5

Today was a fun day celebrating 5 years of motherhood for me. Of course, it was actually celebrating that precious little thing that made me a mom, but I think every once in a while I can take a bit of credit since I grew her and brought her into this world.

She had a special Valentine's Day party at her school, and instead of all the kids bringing valentines for everyone, they each brought one gift and did a gift swap. Since it was Lila's birthday, she got to go first and got just the thing she wanted. She ate cheesy pasta for lunch (her fav), went on a date with daddy to the movies, had dinner at the "rice restaurant" (The India Palace), opened tons of great presents, and had doughnuts for dessert. She was delighted all day and I couldn't be more pleased to have spent the last five years with this girl. Here are some things about her:

kind. loves to pray. shy. bossy. favorite colors pink and blue. learning to play with her little brother. favorite hairstyle is a bun. takes ballet. Kayla Ho is still her best friend. can read simple books. likes to draw and paint. gets nervous around kids she doesn't play with much. favorite day of the week is Sunday. loves to clean the bathroom. likes to wear mom's socks as gloves. lately tries to wear her sandals even though there is snow on the ground. still likes getting hand-me-down clothes. much more fashion conscious- but her clothes have to conform to her own idea of fashion, not anyone else's. loves to play dress up with her friends. can clean her room properly by herself. can be a sneak and a cheat. learning how to be grateful for what she has even if it isn't exactly what she wants. enjoys doing nice things for other people. often tries to give her toys away to her friends as presents when they come to play. chooses a different color for each nail when we paint her fingers and toes. brave enough to walk into preschool by herself. loves school. calls out her parents when they make mistakes. honestly tries to understand life lessons and apply them in the future. loves singing primary songs. would sing them at church too if Kayla wasn't so distracting. has a truly good heart, but sometimes has a hard time resisting temptations. loves her family more than anything.

Lila got a lot of books for her birthday. I am so excited for her budding skill and I love it when she wants me to read to her. Yay for reading!

I babysat a kindergartener for my friend today, so he came with us when we picked up Lila from preschool, then we took him to school. He decided to photobomb our selfie.

A sweet gift from my neighbor and friend, complete with some balloons!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Temple Square

This is becoming a fun tradition

Ward Christmas Party

I (and my presidency) was in charge of the ward Christmas party this year. I wanted to get a lot of pictures of my work, but that just didn't happen with all the other stuff going on. So here are a few.

We made it themed around the kids since we are the primary. The primary kids made most of the hanging snowflakes, and the activity day girls did the centerpieces. We also did a short kids program for everyone that shockingly turned out ok. And we had a ballet dance performance by both of the kids classes that a ward member teaches for free at the church every week. Overall, I was pleased with the results, but naturally felt like there were some things I would do different next time. But I also hope and pray and beg to never, ever have to do it again.

here is a link to a video of the program. I hope it works for you! We had the music for it custom made. That is what you get when you have a ward member who works at the LDS Motion Picture studio and knows people!

and here is a little video of the kids singing.


I have very cute kids. In 2015 I made my first handmade Halloween costume ever. Todd got mad at me because he thought Lila looked like a member of the KKK. I tried to fix the costume a bit by tucking down the point on Lila's hood. I personally thought Lila was an adorable ghost, and the costume was a great success. She was insistent on a ghost costume that covered her face, and when Halloween came around and she actually didn't want to wear it much (surprise, surprise), she still looked like a ghost. So I think it was a win.

Also, Nick is a stinking cute frog and Nikenzie is awesome for doing some trick-or-treating with us. Plus, Todd made sure to not work that day so he could come as well. I think it was a great day for everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lila Help

I let Lila help me change our monthly calendar. She is the one who noticed that I went almost the whole month without getting it changed. So she went to work. She asked me how to spell November, and then drew an appropriate picture for the month. Then I helped her figure out how to write all the numbers. She struggles a lot with writing 2's, but I think she did a great job. And she even decorated a square at the bottom. She called it her Lila square. I pointed out that she wrote her name backwards. She was surprised. I find it funny that she writes both forward and backwards and it seems normal to her. Isn't she the best?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First birthday

Unfortunately, nick has been a little grumpy today. I want to just hold and squeeze and love on my brithday boy. He is sure an amazing little baby and I love him so so much! Here are some things about my son on his first birthday:

Quickly learning to turn up his nose at baby food. Still just a crawler, but he's super fast. Knows what he wants. Can play by himself and be happy. Does a sort of hum often when he's crawling around. Makes noises through his nose. I think his first word is mama, but i need to hear it a few more times to be sure. Has red knees and the tops of his feet are constantly black. Loves having a string that keeps his binky with him always. Likes to throw things. Loves bananas, pasta, and meat. Doesn't like to drink out if any sort of container. This worries mommy who is trying to wean. Loves bathtubs and pools but doesn't like splash pads or the ocean. Got daddy's skin- tans instead of burns. Wants to be involved in things going on around him.  Good sleeper most of the time. Already obsessed with the iPad, even though he doesn't actually do anything on it. Has kept his vibrant blue eyes. Completely obsessed with mommy. Doesn't like his car seat. Started objecting to diaper changes. screams when we change his clothes. Frequently tries to pick or scratch off the mole on mom's collar bone. Smiles and claps when anyone says "yay!" Likes giving high fives. Doesn't sit and cuddle but will rest his head on your shoulder for a moment and it's so sweet. Still just has two teeth. Screams like a banshee. Lets us know if he has run out of food by said scream. 

4 1/2

Lila turned 4 1/2 years old yesterday. Here are some things about her:

Takes ballet. Loves preschool. Loves to sing and makes up her own songs. Still wears a pull up to bed. Zones out when watching shows. Constantly asks to watch shows. Watches most of the Disney channel shows. Favorites include Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Henry Hugglemonster, Miles from Tomorrowland, and Sophia the first. Explains things very thoroughly. Loves her Sunbeam class. Best friends include Kayla, Cammy, and her cousins. Still gets shy around people, but brave in trying new things. Likes to swim. Like to swing. Just figured out how to get herself higher on the swing by pumping her legs. Adores her grandmas. Has a sweet tooth. Says her nightly prayers by herself. Loves being a big sister. Loves being outside. Favorite foods include cheesy pasta, dad's pasta, chicken tikka masala, and sloppy joes. Sings the primary songs like a champ. Helps the family remember family home evening and family scripture study and prayers. Is an absolute angel in our home. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eleven Months

The countdown begins until the big oh-one. Another year flies by. This one has been amazing with this little lad in it. Here are some things about him:

loves climbing stairs. has experimented with going back down but hasn't yet been successful. loves getting in to mischief. loves to see his big sister, hates being touched by her in any way. picky about his food. is a screamer. adores his mommy. loves having a leash for his binky so it's always around. is at a stage that makes it impossible for mommy to get anything done. loves chewing on rubbery things. pushes the tray off his high chair. good sleeper. wakes up between 6:00 and 7:00. hates it when mom leaves the room. still has two teeth. has the cutest giggle. gives mommy the sweetest hug when she gets him in the morning. loves to pinch. absolutely loves baths. hates getting dressed. likes to giggle and crawl away as one of his parents chases him. plays catch with daddy.