La Famiglia Itri

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nick turned 4!

I swear I wrote this post 5 months ago. It was late then, but not as late as it is now! In fact, today is his half birthday! Here are some things about him:

Starting to learn to read. can do simple addition. recently discovered Pokemon. is completely obsessed with it now. the only seafood he likes is sardines. actually says "eek!" when he's excited. plays rat a tat cat, sleeping queens, uno, and slamwich without help. his best friend is his cousin Zach. likes dinosaurs. enjoys doing his computer preschool. starting to think church is boring. can be really helpful as a big brother. can be really jealous/mean/selfish as a big brother. likes to make Lila crazy. had to have all his shorts hidden so he would stop wearing them in the cold/snow. loves to take baths. good at folding clothes. has an imaginary friend named Nothing that not even he can see. loves it when mommy reads to him. loves the "brush your teeth" song by Raffi. also enjoys any rendition of baby shark. hates that he has to hold mommy's hand in the street. loves living in Philadelphia. absolutely loves screen time.

He's becoming a great little guy. He is tender and sweet. When he's in the right mood, he'll cuddle up with me for a minute, then give me a kiss and say "I love you mommy" before he goes back to playing. It has been hard for me to watch him getting bigger and realize that one day it will become weird for me to lay down and hold him. We all love our little guy!

Monday, July 02, 2018

Eleven Months

Jane is 11 months old! I can't believe she has almost reached her first birthday. She is definitely in the beginning stages of becoming a toddler. She has a great giggle and definitely knows what she wants. Here are some things about her:

Still has no teeth. Wears size 3 diapers. Wears size 12 month clothes. Her favorite food is bananas. Doesn't like to be spoonfed, or hand fed. Just wants to feed herself. Will only drink soy milk. No longer breast-feeds. Still crawls with one knee and 1 foot. Likes to pull herself up onto furniture, and sometimes tries to stand on her own. Is pretty easy to put to sleep. Still uses a Binky when she sleeps, and occasionally at other times. Doesn't mind getting her diaper changed, but hates just laying on the table, so she tries to constantly roll over to get off. Absolutely hates baths. Never seems to be able to make up her mind about being held – she will reach for you to pick her up but immediately try to get down when you do. Likes to try to get away from you while she giggles. Has no high chair at home, so she has figured out how to move around while sitting in her bumbo by using one of her feet to push off. 

Here she is at 11 months!

And some more from the last month:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ten Months

Well, this is a huge bummer. I typed up a post for Jane's nine month birthday, but never got around to putting the pictures in it. And now somehow it has just disappeared. I am really not feeling good about that. I feel like I lost a whole month of her life. I am really sad. But, she is ten months old now. So here are some things about her:

wears size 12-18 month clothes. wears size 3 diapers. still crawls around on one knee and one foot. loves to giggle. can now tolerate straight baby food without it being diluted in cereal. only breastfeeds once or twice a day. grabs everything within reach. very distracted when eating. doesn't like to sit on grass. loves screens. sometimes will still cuddle with mom. loves mom. cries when mom leaves. laughs when mom comes back into view. loves to pinch the tender part on the back of your arm when you sit her on your hip. is starting to reminding me how Nick got the nickname "poops-a-lot." sleeps through the night 5-6 nights a week. starting to make sounds that could be the beginning of real words. ticklish. eats pretty much anything. I swear I saw two teeth just about to come in but then they disappeared. is happy when Dad comes home. doesn't squawk as much as she used to. has sharp fingernails. likes to pull hair. is partial to her blanket. still sucks on a binky. gets mad if she isn't sitting with us at dinner. can easily roll out of the bumbo if the tray isn't on it.

Here she is today!

And some more from the past two months

9 months old and prior:

Monday, April 02, 2018

Eight Months

Time is flying by so quickly that I accidentally told someone last week that Jane is almost 9 months old. But, it has actually only been eight months. Still, with the rate she is growing and learning seems like she's going to be in college in no time. Here are some things about her:

Wears size 6 month clothes, but she's starting to wear out the toes in her jammies. Keeps her Binky in her mouth more often then she used to. Closer to crawling, but still hasn't quite figured it out. Instead, she scoots around on her bum. Going backwards has lost its excitement. Wears ponytails frequently. Wears size 3 diapers. Often falls asleep in the car. Still does not sleep through the night. Moved to her own bedroom, sleeping in her own crib. Grabs at everything. Does not always stick things straight in her mouth. All the baby food she eats is mixed with cereal. Has never rejected food because of taste. Loves her mommy. Has an infectious smile. Has nice rolls on her thighs and big chubby cheeks. People tell me that she looks like Todd. Starting to use her voice more. Lots of grunts, babbles, and yells. Has stranger danger to some people. Has gotten a bit more cuddly. No longer has to be wrapped up tight to sleep. She has even flipped over onto her stomach a few times. Says mom mom a lot. But it's not actually a word to her. Loves to be tossed, swung, and otherwise flipped around. Loves to play with her siblings. Likes to play with her toys. No teeth. Loves music and dancing. Her dance moves consist of shaking her head like she is saying yes or no. Is a horrible leader because of how easily she gets distracted. The only time she eats well is when she's breastfeeding in the middle of the night and she is tired and it's this dark so there's nothing to see. 

Here she is at 8 months!

And some from the last month:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Seven months

Pretend that today is February 28. Jane turned seven months old today! She continues to grow and is really beginning to experience the world around her. Here are some things about her:

Eats any puréed food we give her. Smiles a lot. Is usually a very content baby. Still likes to be swaddled to sleep. Needs her Binky to sleep. Doesn't usually need it any other time. Experienced a lot of firsts since she turned six months, including: first solid food. First time sitting up in a stroller. First time sitting in a highchair. First time with solid poop. First time wearing a ponytail. First time sitting up on her own. First time completing a course of antibiotics. Still sleeps in mom and dad's room. Still does not sleep through the night. Wears size 3 diapers. Still squeezing into size 6 month clothes. Started figuring out how to pull down her headbands. Scoots backwards very well. Sometimes gets frustrated that she can't go forward yet. Has mastered plank and downward dog. Usually cries when we first put her in the car seat but calms down quickly. Can sit on the ground and play with her toys for a long time and stay happy. Loves to look at herself in the mirror. Likes music. Is ticklish.

No pictures from the exact day, but here are a few from a couple days before and after her seven month birthday:

And a few more from earlier in the month: