Friday, July 04, 2014

Americas birthday

Today I told Lila that today is the 4th of July, and that it is a holiday because it is Americas birthday! She is still learning what America is, but she does know that Utah is in America, Philadelphia is in America, and that she likes the American flag. She also loved that that she and I both dressed up in red, white and blue. She wore blue sticker earrings since she doesn't have anything blue unless it also has pink or is a pair of jeans. She looked so adorable in her red dress.

Not really any pictures today, but we did have fun swimming with cousins, playing at grandmas, visiting new baby Everly, and eating some burgers as part of our dinner prepared by Shelly and Matt (thanks!) there was also yummy apple pie. 

To top off the night we went to Darren and Danica's to watch some fireworks. I wouldn't have wanted to keep Lila up so late, but when we were driving home last night she was obsessed with getting to watch fireworks and would get super excited any time she saw some out the car window. Unfortunately she wasn't as excited about them tonight when we could see all of Provos fireworks including stadium of fire. Maybe she just doesn't like them as much from so far away. We'll at least I got a picture of her with a sparkler before she burned herself on one and refused to touch anymore of them.

Hope everyone had a good holiday. We are glad we live in America.

Monday, June 30, 2014


For a few days Lila looked so dang cute I had to send pictures to Todd at work. She is pretty much the best. Not sure how she can look so beautiful no matter what she wears.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Temple Trip

A few weeks ago we decided to go for a drive for family night. We ended up driving over to the Provo temple and walking on the grounds. It was nice because there weren't too many people there, since the temple is closed on Monday evenings. Besides visiting the Salt Lake Temple briefly, it is the only time we have done this. I keep thinking I need to take her more often while we are lucky enough to live so close to so many temples, but just haven't made it happen. She had a great time running around the grounds and was so excited to be at the temple that we have so many pictures of in our home. It was fun to talk about the fact that her mommy and daddy got married there. She was again a little angry with us for not letting her be there with us. That is one of the things she has been confused about lately. When we talk about daddy on his mission, she states matter-of-factly that she was home with mommy while daddy was gone. We have tried to explain to her that she was in heaven during a lot of these events, but she still gets mad that we didn't bring her with us. Anyway, it was clear she felt the spirit that was there and was very upset when it was time to go home.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Best lullaby ever

Tonight was the best session of bedtimes songs ever. After not letting me finish her first choice of song (the collection mermaid song I.e. Part of your world from the little mermaid), Lila decided to sing a song for me. It was awesome. I found out that I am the bestest mom, the greatest mom, that she likes my pretty dresses, and several other very nice things. There was even a chorus between verses where she either sang "I love you" or "I love her" over and over. There were also a few other parts where she mentioned that she likes her friends and her daddy too, but most of it was about me. Absolutely the greatest song EVER. after she finished I got her to sing a bit of it again for me. The video is black since it was dark while going to bed, but now you can all appreciate her amazing singing voice.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodbye, Grandpa Johnson

Several weeks ago Todd's grandpa passed away. Although he has been homebound for quite a while, his actual passing came very quickly. We were glad to be able to participate in the services held in his honor. Todd's mom and oldest brother were able to fly out from Philadelphia as well, so it was nice to have a few of us there to commemorate his life. Also, since he was a navy veteran Lila learned what an American Flag is and has been pointing out "Merican" Flags everywhere we go.

Remembering Rene M. Johnson:

After the flag was presented to Pearl, his wife

Margie and sons

Lila with Great-Grandma Pearl

One thing that of course was expected but still frustrating was Lila running away across the cemetery. There was a nice little area with a stream and a path with a pergola along it, lined with fake rocks to hold urns. Someone had put up several of these pinwheels, and when I tried to get this one back from her she ran all the way back to the family. I know these three pictures are basically the same, but she has such precious facial expressions in all of them.

Unfortunately, I never felt like I got to know Grandpa Johnson very well. But I do know that he and his wife raised a wonderful daughter who became the mother of my husband. It was clear he was a very good, hardworking man. I am grateful to have such wonderful ancestry in my family and that I could be a part it. 

Memorial Day

We had a very nice Memorial Day this week. We spent the morning with my family boing bowling. One of my favorite things about Monday holidays. Shelly was one pin away from bowling a turkey in her tenth frame. Bummer. Then we went out for ice cream at Macey's, which is always a delicious treat!

A bit after we got home, our friends Alex and Christina came over and we headed to Bridal Veil Falls to get some outdoor time. Lila loved it, and it was enjoyable for all!

After we came home and grilled up some burgers and hot dogs. Then we enjoyed some homemade ice cream and a movie. It was nice to spend a day just relaxing and being with people we love.

Of course, we also recognize and thank all the people that this day is set apart for. I don't know anyone personally or have any ancestors that I know of that died in active duty, but I recognize the great sacrifice of these men and women and the loss that their families feel when they don't get to come home. Thank you to all who are willing to serve, and a solemn thanks to the ones who have died protecting this wonderful country.

A Little Organization

Something I have wanted for a long time is a better way to store Lila's toys downstairs. Up until now they were piled in an old diaper box. Not the most exciting mode of storage. So, thanks to a visit from my mother-in-law, I finally got around to obtaining and putting up this little beauty. My MIL is actually the one who found one that was relatively inexpensive and fit our needs perfectly. She and Lila also picked out the box colors and I love every one. Now you are all jealous of me.



Sunday, May 18, 2014


We did it. Of course, we actually graduated six months ago before Christmas even happened, but we finally got our day to celebrate it! It is funny, I always said I would never walk in my college graduation because they are so boring. But when I had the chance to walk next to Todd, well we couldn't pass up that opportunity. Going to school together was a lot harder than I think either of us ever thought it would be. We have such different schooling styles that doing work together was very difficult, but it was hard to not want to work together. But somehow we made it through. And it was so fun to be there in our weird looking gowns together. Yay us!

I'll try to post a few more pictures one day when I get my camera out. These are the ones from Todd's phone.

The unruly bunch of boys those teachers were so grateful to get rid of!

The happy couple
If you look close you can see Todd waving. We got to sit in the front row!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fallen behind

I have wanted to blog about a million things over the last month and a half. However, I haven't felt totally up for it. When people ask me how I'm feeling (related to being? pregnant), I actually feel physically great. But that doesn't mean I'm at 100%. I have been having a hard time emotionally I guess you could say. I don't feel as motivated to do things or as much joy in things like I used to. So in response to the common question referenced above, I usually respond "I'm tired." I think it is the best description I can give without whining and complaining all the time. And the truth is, I wouldn't mind sleeping a whole lot more! But of course, I'm not able to much of that either.

So hopefully soon I will find that motivation to sit down and catch up on all the great stuff you people are missing out on. But for now, I will just honor the day.

Today I have felt a special appreciation for Lila. I tried to explain to her that it is because of her hat I am a mother and have there privelidge of having hat title on this special day. I don think she really understood what I was trying to tell her. But for some reason today I mostly felt grateful to have her in my life. She has made so much of who I am, and mostly in better ways. she is simply amazing, and I am still impressed by her evey day.

Also, I am sad I didn't do anything for my mom. Yes, I am admitting what a horrible daughter I am. Usually i stress for a few weeks before Mother's Day making sure I have a card in the mail for my mother in law and one ready to give to my mom. But since I've felt a little lost lately I didn't even do that. So just so you know mom, I really love you. You are such an example of love and sacrifice and giving I never could have asked for more in a mother. I have tried very hard especially as I have gotten older to always fully appreciate the things you give and do for me. I used to take them for granted. But I know that behind every gift, every hour of babysitting, and every word of encouragement is someone who loves me so deeply and wants the best for me. And I never want to forget that or lose sight of the amazing woman you are. Thanks especially for being my mom even though I'm technically an adult now. You have no idea how much I have needed you. Thank you for always fulfilling that need.