La Famiglia Itri

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a special day. Lila is 9 months old! It is crazy how much we love her every day and the joy she brings to our lives even though she is basically just an inconvenience to the rest of our lives. (Only from a totally objective point of view, of course). In reality she is the most wonderful little responsibility we have ever had. Here are some things about her:

suddenly hates diaper changes. her sparse hair is just a bit thicker. graduating to size 12 month clothes. will laugh every time you throw her in the air. pro crawler. will stand against anything that will hold her weight. loves cups and spoons. learning how to use a sippy cup- currently bites the transitional sippy cup nipple, feels the liquid come out, and pulls the cup away to play with the liquid in her mouth, to later bite the nipple again for another taste. wears size 3 diapers. won't take a bottle or a binky. decided not not like any food except her grain cereals. much of the time is only happy when mommy is holding her. scared of her grandpa Faber. does her sway dance when standing on just about anything. loves mirrors. licks her reflection in the mirror. still scratches like crazy. is learning that when mommy feeds her there are 2 sides. puts her arms through sleeves. has had some mini tantrums. loves holding chapstick, hasn't figured out how to take the lid off yet. loves pulling at mommys jewelry. likes going places and watching new things. loves cords and outlets (we finally got outlet covers, whew!) just gets cuter every day.

Lila's new thing is to freak out when we try to change her diaper, flip over, and hang over the side of her changing table to try and touch the diaper genie. On her back, screaming bloody murder. Once she flips over, totally quiet. crazy lady!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Something exciting

We have something exciting brewing. I have been thinking a lot about it, while at the same time not thinking about it because I don't want to get my hopes up. A lot of things have to come together in order for it to work out. But it would be oh, so glorious.

I would be happier, and get to do something I really want to do.
Todd would be happier, and get to try something he really wants to try.
Lila would be happier too.
We would learn new things.
We would make good (even best) friends.
We might be able to make good use of our home.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, that is because either I don't want you to know since it is not official and I'll be crushed if it doesn't happen, or because I just haven't told you yet. Or you just aren't smart enough to figure out that what I told you about is what I am referring to in this post... If you do know, wish us luck!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Aside from the sore lack of trick-or-treaters, Halloween was pretty good. Todd's brother Scott and his wife, Lisa hosted a great Halloween party on Saturday night. There was a lot of good food and costumes and we played some fun games. Lisa even thought of a GREAT idea and made a little wall where we could all take pictures of our families. We played mafia and the mafia won every time. Good thing I won twice! I guess I have an affinity to draw the evil roles. Lila was adorable in her costume.

Usually it is like pulling teeth to get any of the Itri boys to dress up. So Todd assumed this year was the same. I tried to tell him that at a recent Itri wives girls night we all vowed to make our husbands dress up. But he didn't listen. So when he found out I was right and he looked like a goon as the only one not dressed up, he let me take a makeup crayon to his face. He was Star Burns from Community. Oh and I dressed up as a flapper. I also have some pictures of me in my Halloween scrub top before work on Friday night. It's the only festive scrub top I own. I don't even have a Christmas one.

Dance Dance Dance

Lila has become quite the little dancer. Want a taste? here you go!