La Famiglia Itri

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A trick up her sleeve

When Todd talks to his mom on the phone she often asks if Lila has any new tricks. basically as a newborn she hasn't really done anything. True she has grown stronger so can lift her head up and hold things when you pry her little fist apart and stick something inside those little fingers. ut besides the whole eat-sleep-poop deal there isn't much else. This last week she hit a baby trick growth spurt. She started taking things we put in her hands and moving them to her mouth. Then she started reaching for things and grabbing them herself. Then, yesterday, her biggest accomplishment so far! I laid her on the floor across the hall from me on the carpet while I was getting ready in the bathroom. She was happily entertaining herself, so I just periodically looked over to make sure she was still ok. And I almost missed it..... She went from back to tummy all by herself! She has flopped on her side before, but this time when I saw her on her side I could tell she was aiming to go all the way. I ran and grabbed the camera to capure her proud face after her accomplishment.

The rest of the day she kept flipping over. Then today something even more exciting (but just for us as parents). She was fussy because she was tired, and we laid her in her crib. She rolled over and fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. Usually this little tyke takes a lot more than that to get some shut eye. I just hope she keeps it up!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Work at our house

We don't have a lot of pictures of the work we've done because, well, we were working. But here are a couple of Todd showing off his new house skills.

mowing our 50 square foot lawn
With the evidence on his face

Some Smiles

We don't catch her smiles very often because she seems to be intelligent and gets weary at the sight of the camera because we have flashed it in her face so many times. I wonder if that is why she has such wide eyes in most of her pictures. The bright light freaks her out a bit.

Lila at 4 Months

So my grandma Faber loves to read the blogs of her grandkids. If you talk to her and it's been a while since your last post, she will certainly point that out to you. And if it has been a really long time, she will sometimes even send you a little email telling you that it is time to get yourself together and post something for her to read.

I love that she is so excited to learn about our lives. It is fun to know that there is someone who checks just about every single day to see if you have anything new for her to look at. I feel lucky that I am able to see her fairly often, but it is nice that she can catch up with things in between our get-togethers.

So the last time we talked she wanted me to give montly updates about Lila. So I will basically (meaning exactly) copy cat my sister Anna, and I believe Jasmine did this too for her kids until they were 1. Wish me luck in keeping up with this every month.

At four months Lila: laughs. cries less. rolls to her side. likes arching her back whether happy or sad. stopped taking her binky. holds things. starting to put things in her mouth. loves sucking on her fingers. spoiled rotten. pretty blue eyes. scratches whether or not her nails are long. likes having her diaper or clothes changed. fidgety. no longer screams during baths (sometimes is even quiet!) still likes driving, but not as much. loves being outside. occasionally sleeps through the night. Finally sleeping in her own room. wearing size 1-2 diapers. starting to grow out of size 3-6 month clothes. drools like a bulldog. blows bubbles.