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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Nick is Two

Nick turned two and I wasn't around to see it. In fact, I completely forgot about it. Some parent I am, huh? I was too busy frolicking around the shores of Hawaii and didn't even say happy birthday when we FaceTimed with him. Yup. I guess all that sun brainwashed me. Nevertheless, I love him deeply and am so glad to call him mine! Here are some things about him:

loves riding his new scooter. likes most foods. loves sweets. teases his sister. loves her to death. worries when people get hurt and asks "ok? ok?". we think he would like nursery if it wasn't at nap time. likes to copy mom and Lila. this has resulted in painted toenails, wearing headbands, and sporting Lila's pink panties. speaking of panties, he hasn't used a diaper since the 4th of July. pees and poops on the potty like a champ. we are still trying to get him to say undies instead of panties. had a hard time with pooping on the potty at first but now he loves it. also sleeps in undies and doesn't wet the bed. we are so stinking proud of this accomplishment. loves being outside. has a nicely growing vocabulary. loves brushing his teeth. still takes a binky during naps and at night. tries to sneak it out of his crib during the day when I'm not looking. has recently developed an attachment to a certain blanket. has a little girlfriend named Lynlie who always tries to hug him when she sees him, but he pushes her and screams. then a minute later he hugs her back. they like to cause mischief together. sometimes people ask if they are twins. they started potty training together too. overall, he is the sweetest, cutest little boy but he is finally developing his terrible twos and pushing boundaries. wish us luck!

I lost my phone and am missing several pictures. :'( but here are some recent ones I have of my sweet boy.
 Nick watching uncle Brian get a haircut. I included it just because I have so few pictures.

Bed head.

He loves my shoes

Beach trip in June

Family sillies

with both the heels and the headband