La Famiglia Itri

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another great weekend!

Todd's parents were in town this weekend. They flew in on Tuesday, stayed with Margie's parents on Tuesday and Wednesday, and showed up at our place late Wednesday night. On Thursday we went out to IHOP with the parents while our car got a new windshield. Boo. Then we hung out with Scott, Lisa, Crystal, and new baby Seth. In the evening we went to Mom and Dad Faber's house with all the Itri's for dinner. We ended up staying late into the night. It was a blast.

On Friday we basically just hung out.

Saturday was a busy day. Todd and I got up early for a ward breakfast, then came home to get ready for the temple. We met Todd's Aunt Cathy and Uncle Michael, Todd's brother Dan, and his two cousins J. Dee and Jason (plus we rode in the car with Todd's parents of course.) We did some family file names, both endowments and sealings, that Aunt Cathy had dug up from our trip to Italy last year. It was way awesome. Then we went and ate at Pizzeria 7-12. Here is a picture of us eating our authentic italian pizza:

After that Todd and I babysat Crystal and Seth while everyone else saw Batman. Actually, I mostly watched the kids while Todd cooked amazing manicotti. We ended up with 16 people over, all squished in our little apartment! It was so fun and everyone RAVED about Todds cooking. Aunt Cathy said it was definitely memorable food. What can I say, I'm a lucky gal!

Sunday was Seth's baby blessing. We went to the blessing, then spent the rest of the day at Lisa's parents house just chatting. It was a very nice evening to finish off a great week with Mom and Pop Itri.

This is me with my favorite cousin Julia:

On Monday night we got to play with my family. My Aunt Laurine was in town with her daughter Saria, so we all had dinner with them and my Grandparents came too. We ate great food that my mommy made, then played pictionary. It was a blast! After the serious game was over, a few of us just took turns drawing while everyone guessed. I turned out to be pretty dang good at it. I even drew a pretty awesome picture of Kenzie. And of course, everyone guessed the word "slack" when i drew an amazing picture of Will lying on the couch with a -er after it. Ya know, I like the realistic pictures Ü.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 4th of JULY!

We had a great fourth of July!! We drove up to Todd's aunt Jill's house in Fruit Heights and played all day! First we had a barbeque where Todd grilled up some way yummy steaks and we ate lots of good food. Then we all got together and went down to the softball field for a "pick up" softball game. We had three teams of 5 each. The first team to 10 runs would be the winner. Our team had zero runs for the first two at bats, and Todd was getting pretty frustrated. He blamed the other teams for playing terrible defense when we were in the field with them, and then awesome defense when we were at bat. But, the next inning we scored 5 runs! I even got around the bases, only by my cunning bravery in smacking right into the second baseman to be safe. Todd of course hit better than everyone else, but I was a sweet runner. In the next inning we pulled out another 5 runs to win the game! Todd was extatic and couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the day.

We came back to aunt Jill's and just relaxed for a while from the heat and exercise. I ate some ice cream while Todd had to stick to his diet (he only cheated a little, which is pretty good for a holiday!) Then we played volleyball for hours. It was way fun, and I actually was able to help the team (sometimes....) At first all the boys on my team kept crowding my space because I'm a girl and I've only played volleyball in P.E., but then I told Todd it was mean, so he told our team he would break their heads if they got in my space after that. It actually helped! I got to play and it was a lot of fun.

After volleyball we went and watched a pretty fireworks display which was fun to. Then we all ended up sleeping over! We played The Newlywed Game until about 2:30 in the morning. It was funny, and Todd's brother Scott and his wife Lisa pretty much kicked everyone's trash.

Todd showing his disdain for terrible defense

Todd and his professional batting stance

On my first run I accidentally missed the plate and had to run back to tag it, and found another teammate coming in at the same time

Me after smacking into the second baseman. I think if I didn't hit him he would have caught the ball and I would have been out!

Me and Todd at the dugout with our teammate Jason at bat

Our newest nephew Seth watching the action

p.s. I added a post in May (even though I actually wrote it after this one.) You should all check it out.