La Famiglia Itri

Monday, December 24, 2012

Working for Christmas

So this year for Christmas I am at work! My extended family all got together at my Grandma and Grandpa Faber's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Todd and Lila and I all went up early to visit before I would have to leave, and I headed to work just as everyone else was arriving. That part was sad. It was also a little awkward that I got to start eating before Anna's family and Lauren and Shelly who also came early to play with me (thanks guys!) But I didn't care because I was eating delicious sticky fingers from Wingers! And delicious company potatoes (AKA funeral potatoes) and Lion House Rolls. MMMMMMMMMM. Thanks Grandma. Soo good.

So I was on my way to work, sad that I was missing all the fun and a little worried about the snow I was driving in, when the traffic got really slow at the point of the mountain. This didn't worry me too much, there is always congestion there. But then I noticed a lot of cars moving into the right lanes and figured there was actually an accident. When I got up to the site, I saw several cars pulled to the side, and I think about three that looked like they were affected by the crash. But there were about 7 guys pushing one car off the side of the road with a frightened looking girl at the wheel. The front tire was smashed and completely flat, along with the front of the car. It made me feel good to see so many people that had stopped in the middle of their Christmas Eve plans to help out until the clean-up-crew could arrive. Snow was falling so much my rearview mirror was starting to be obstructed by the collected slush. Nice guys pushing cars in the snow= warm fuzzies. I wish I had a camera at that moment to catch all those nice boys helping out.

Tonight as a special Christmas bonus for my patients I have tried really hard to offer oral care. I have helped three of my four brush their teeth. Some of you are probably thinking "duh" and some thinking "gross" at the thought that I might not offer it, but it is something that usually gets overlooked around here. There are life-saving treatments going on, we don't care about brushing your teeth!! (I do actually care, but your blood pressure tanking just takes precedence!) Also, it really falls under the techs job to do such things, so sometimes when I am busy I just chalk it up to being their responsibility. But deep down I know that EVERYTHING is the nurses responsibility. So tonight I made a special effort to make sure everyone's teeth got brushed. And I still have one left but that patient is in dialysis and going home when he's done so he will probably brush his teeth at home. And this turned into a much longer explanation than I anticipated. So Merry Christmas patients! I at least feel very lucky that even though I have to work instead of stay home with my family, I get to be here helping people.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our New Tradition

Yay! We started a new holiday tradition in our home. We need more of those. Only a few days after Thanksgiving we picked up our tree. Our new tradition is to eat made-from-scratch cookies and made-from-scratch hot cocoa while we decorate. Thanks to Todd who used the scratch to make our delicious treats!

P.S. Don't you love Lila's smile? Any time she sees something that looks like a camera she sticks her face in it and gives a big "CHEESE!!!!"