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Saturday, December 25, 2010


So at first I was pretty good about taking weekly pictures. Then as I got bigger and the pictures got more exciting, I became more lazy. And more self conscious- I don't like to take pictures of my fat-ness unless I look good which doesn't happen all that often, plus I don't have the camera out every time I feel good enough for a picture. Sorry guys. Even posting some of these makes me a little uncomfortable, so please don't judge!

15 weeks:

16 weeks:

18 weeks:

19 weeks:

20 weeks:

22 Weeks:

23 Weeks:

Almost 28 weeks:

Work Christmas Party

Well, we were popular this year on December 3rd. We were invited to our married ward Christmas party, and both of our work christmas parties. We chose to attend Todd's work party. Not only is it my alma mater of 5 years employment, but they were going bowling. No brainer. Here are a few pictures of us in our amazingness. Sorry they are dark. It was that cool black light kind of bowling.

You should know a bit about my talented husband. His first game I think he bowled 162 or something outta control like that. He scored well all day, I think we got 4 games in because Todd and I were lucky enough that our bowling partners didn't show up until the very end. All the other lanes had 4 or 5 bowlers while we just had us 2. I even did pretty well, scored over 100 every time! At the end the top prize went to the team with the most cumulative strikes. A team consisted of 2 lanes, so Shelly my sister also was doing pretty well and helped us to tie another team in strikes. Well, Todd and some other guy happened to be the two top scorers of the whole night. So they did a bowl off. Whoever bowled the best frame (one chance!) would win the grand prize for their team.

With tension high, Todd bowled a 9 and a spare. His competitor hit only 8 but got the spare. So Todd bowls again- strike. I thought we had it for sure. But no! STRIKE from the opponent. Then Todd gets only 8, so I thought it was over. But then we see a split- and the second ball goes in-between the 2 pins. Still a tie! Goodness this could go on all night! Todd then hit 9 and missed the spare, and the other guy got 9- but hit the last pin down. It was a pretty awesome showdown.

Little did we know, the grand prize was some box of chocolates (good, but come on. People get plenty of chocolates during Christmas and usually you only like a few of the flavors anyway). Second place each got a piece of Cheescake Factory cheesecake! So not only did Todd represent our team well, he also won us the better prize by losing! He must have known. What a smart guy.

O Christmas Tree

Last year we were scrooges and didn't even get our own tree. Not this year! We went to Lowe's. (Yes, this phrase should mean to you what "He went to Jared" is portrayed to mean in the commercials. It means that we did the best, most awesomest thing ever in regards to Christmas trees). We picked out a tree that was on sale for $20- it was over 6 feet tall. I think we came out pretty much on top.

You'll have to wait to see the fully trimmed tree. I had work the next day so we couldn't decorated it yet. You'll see it when we talk about Christmas day!

Pasta Pig Out

For the past few years, we have had a very fun tradition of getting together with Todd's family the night before Thanksgiving. Everyone brings a pasta dish to share. This year everything was especially yummy. Most of Todd's cousins were able to come too. I especially was excited to have Jon and Dani there, who have lived in Idaho as long as I've known Todd and just moved down here in September with their little boy, Linkin. It has been a lot of fun to have them around for family get togethers. Also J. Dee, who was visiting from Philadelphia. I sure like it when everyone can come! Unfortunately, I only came out with two mediocre pictures of the food. But know this, you are definitely jealous.

Turkey Bowl

Todd played some flag football with our singles ward the Saturday before Thanksgiving. He was so excited! I wore green in honor of his team color so I could cheer from the sidelines. I think he really enjoyed it, even though it made him feel a bit out of shape. I would have played, but we have a very sporty ward and I didn't want to embarrass myself too much. Plus Todd yells at me if I even jump up and down because I might hurt Lila (true story.)

In this first picture, I capture Todd looking for me. It literally took him about 8 minutes to realize I was just sitting on the ground instead of standing up. Silly boy.

Making a game plan


Todd Makes the catch!

Next time they aren't so lucky!

Happy Birthday Todd!

Todd's birthday in November was fun. As is our tradition, I had put a few things together for us to do that Todd would like and were a total surprise to him. Todd had school in the morning, so as soon as he got home we set off toward Salt Lake. Unfortunately, we had to turn around at about American Fork because Todd forgot his cell phone. I would have just told him to go without it ntil we got home, but we wouldn't be home at all for quite a while and I wanted him to be able to get his birthday phone calls. Lunch was at Tucano's, for which of course we used his birthday coupon making it a 2-for-1 deal. Still expensive, but at least manageable.

Then we walked around the Gateway mall since we didn't have time for my next activity. We were going to go bowling at the U of U, that would have cost $2 for parking $1 for Todd's shoe rental (I have my own!) and then only $1.50 per game. That's only $6 for our first game and $3 for each after that! Pretty good deal. But we didn't have anymore since it took us about an hour just to go back for the phone. So after some fruitless shopping for shoes for Todd (I had saved some birthday money so he could pick out his own), we headed for Sandy.

We went to Jordan Commons, where we walked up to the movie theater. I hadn't heard Todd talking about any movies he really wanted to see, and as early as I was planning and finalizing everything my only movie option was Harry Potter 7 (since it came out on the same day as Todd's birthday), so that's what we saw. I was afraid Todd wouldn't think it was so great, but it turned out he had actually wanted to see it! I was so happy. It wasn't as exciting as either of us thought it might be, so we are looking forward to part 2 with a little more action.

Todd blinded by the camera in the dark movie theater. (Don't worry, it was before the movie. we didn't disturb actual movie time)
After the movie we went to an indian restaurant for dinner. It is pretty much Todd's favorite way to eat out. It was a good place, we liked it. But we still think our favorite indian place is the India Palace in Center Street in Provo. Yum!

After that was the ultimate surprise! We drove just down to the next exit off I-15, and pulled into the Jim's Family Restaurant parking lot. Actually, we were pulling into the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, but for some reason all Todd noticed was Jim's. It made me laugh how long it took Todd to figure out where we were going. I had picked a hotel that had a pool so we could go swimming if we still had some energy, but we were both pooped. My wonderful and fantastic grandma Faber had done me a favor in delivering a pumpkin pie and whipped cream to the room earlier in the day so we could have some birthday dessert. We opened up the trunk where Todd found all his presents and our stuff for the night stay, and settled in. Then we opened presents! I think he liked most of them, I tried to make sure he would like them all.

The pictures are a bit hard to see, but he got some nice smelling candles, turkey jerky, some scrubs for school with the patch already sewn on the sleeve (Congratulations nurse Todd!) a tie rack (desparately needed, as shown by picture below), Glenn Beck's latest book, some socks (a gag gift, they were free since they were hand-me-down's from my little brother. Styles he doesn't like anymore. However, they are all in much better shape than the ones Todd was wearing!) and a knock off of rosetta stone for Italian. Todd considered using both his Christmas and Birthday money to get the Italian Rosetta Stone, but I found this awesome version at costco for about 30.00! We took a look at some of the features and I think it will be just about as great.

Just as a side note, Todd loves his ties and normally would never let this happen. However, since our church changed to 9:00 at the end of September and his meetings changed to 7:00 am, our hanger that had been just fine for 3 years just didn't cut it anymore. Now it was early and dark and Todd had much less motivation and time to make sure his ties all stayed on the hanger as he pulled off the one he wanted. The tie hanger I got him has proved to fix the problem!

After we opened presents Todd played with his rosetta stone knock-off for a while and looked at his Glenn Beck book a bit. Then we had pie!

Yummy! (Thanks again Grandma!) We both basically passed out after that. We must have had a long week. We enjoyed a hot continental breakfast in the hotel in the morning, then drove down to Orem in the morning for a ward Turkey Bowl. Ironically enough, I left my cell phone under the bed and we had to turn around and go back for it, making us late for the football fun. At least we found it!

Happy Birthday Todd, I love you!!!!!! (even though you are so old!)