La Famiglia Itri

Monday, June 30, 2014


For a few days Lila looked so dang cute I had to send pictures to Todd at work. She is pretty much the best. Not sure how she can look so beautiful no matter what she wears.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Temple Trip

A few weeks ago we decided to go for a drive for family night. We ended up driving over to the Provo temple and walking on the grounds. It was nice because there weren't too many people there, since the temple is closed on Monday evenings. Besides visiting the Salt Lake Temple briefly, it is the only time we have done this. I keep thinking I need to take her more often while we are lucky enough to live so close to so many temples, but just haven't made it happen. She had a great time running around the grounds and was so excited to be at the temple that we have so many pictures of in our home. It was fun to talk about the fact that her mommy and daddy got married there. She was again a little angry with us for not letting her be there with us. That is one of the things she has been confused about lately. When we talk about daddy on his mission, she states matter-of-factly that she was home with mommy while daddy was gone. We have tried to explain to her that she was in heaven during a lot of these events, but she still gets mad that we didn't bring her with us. Anyway, it was clear she felt the spirit that was there and was very upset when it was time to go home.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Best lullaby ever

Tonight was the best session of bedtimes songs ever. After not letting me finish her first choice of song (the collection mermaid song I.e. Part of your world from the little mermaid), Lila decided to sing a song for me. It was awesome. I found out that I am the bestest mom, the greatest mom, that she likes my pretty dresses, and several other very nice things. There was even a chorus between verses where she either sang "I love you" or "I love her" over and over. There were also a few other parts where she mentioned that she likes her friends and her daddy too, but most of it was about me. Absolutely the greatest song EVER. after she finished I got her to sing a bit of it again for me. The video is black since it was dark while going to bed, but now you can all appreciate her amazing singing voice.