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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A friend comes to Visit

this post is, again, backtracking about our summer. In May my friend Maria came out to visit us. I met her when I lived in Philadelphia, and she became my best Philly friend. She belonged to the 7th day adventist church, and I loved to hang out with her mom and brother as well.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures while she was out here, but we did do some fun things.

The first day she was here, we thought we would treat her to some Mexican food, as the Mexican food on the east coast isn't quite so good. I know Cafe Rio isn't really amazingly authentic, but it sure gets a lot of raves so that's where we went:

Later, we went over to where Christy's husband Jason works. He works for a way rich guy that lives up Hobble Creek Canyon. We had the privelige of trying out the human sling shot. Maria passed on the whole harness thing, but she had a lot of fun riding around with Christy on the oversized go-cart:

Todd's brother Dan and his wife Kelsey came with us too. Kelsey was the brave first one to go:

I was way excited to go. I love this kind of thing!

by the time Todd went it was pretty dark, so we couldn't get any really good shots.

Here is Christy and Maria drivin' crazy:

Later in the week, we had the opportunity to take Maria to Temple Sqaure. We brought along my friend Ashely, who I also met in Philadelphia but is actually from West Jordan. She is now on a mission. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, had a private tour of the Conference Center, and went to the Christus statue and the family presentation. It was nice.

On the way hom we stopped by and went out to eat, then played some card games with Grandma and Grandpa Faber. It was fun, and I was glad Maria could meet some more of my family. Unfortunatly, I didn't take any pictures.

On Friday night, the night before Maria went home, we held a barbeque at my parents' house. Unfortunately, Maria wasn't feeling well so she couldn't participate in much of the fun. But I was glad she was able to mingle with my friends and family.

The Itri table:

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Here ya go

So we have now had the internet for a few hours. My dad has already given us a hard time about the fact that we hadn't blogged yet even though we now have the internet. So here ya go. Before we went on our great and everlasting vacation this summer, Todd and I did some fun things. We went bowing with Todd's family, which was a blast. It was really fun because a lot of people bowled really well.

Our Niece Crystal

If any of you have been bowling with me, you know this is a normal sight.

We also got to babysit for Reese! We had so much fun watching her. We miss her now that she lives all the way in Logan! (We miss Anna and Will too, they just aren't as cute)

she really liked my sock

Monday, August 03, 2009


So, we apologize to psych everyone out by saying we were going to post soon, then not actually doing it. We were hoping to get some stuff posted before our cruise at the very end of May, but you all know how things go right before vacation. Anyway, we disconnected our internet right before we left, and haven't had it since. However, we are moving this Saturday, and will begin to be better at updating our page since we'll have the internet. So sit tight just a little longer!