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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caught red-handed

So we have these cool cameras at work that we can pull up online. My coworker Maranda did that for one of them, and this was the picture she got:

So you can tell that I am a very hard worker

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Here!

Hey guys, our first episode is UP on inyourkitchen.blogspot.com. Check it out and try the dish, then let us know how it goes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Wedding!

So Puddle got married on August 2nd. I was going to blog about it last week, but alas, laziness got the best of me. I didn't want to do it right when when I blogged about Todd's and my anniversary, because as much as I love Puddle, my own wedding will probably do a lot more for me in my life than hers, and I wanted to give the first year a good celebration.

She looked beautiful! It was very fun to actually be able to attend her wedding. It was also funny because my old sign language teacher was there to interpret for Puddle's sister-in-law who is deaf (Amy.) It was great to see her again and do a little catching up. Right outside the temple was fun, we all got little bubble blowers to blow on Puddle and Ryan as they came outside. I thought it was such a cute idea! We shuffled around all the other brides for the good picture spots, and Got some really fun ones. We took a bunch of pictures to give to the newlyweds, so we can share them now with you!

The reception was also very beautiful. There was no luncheon because they had had a dinner the night before instead, but we weren't able to go. (Can you guess why?!!?) I was very impressed with the reception. It was at a church, and there was a scarlet curtain that hung all around the gym, which made for a great backdrop. The food was simple, yet delicious, and the atmosphere was very pleasant. It was especially fun for me to see a bunch of people using sign language (Amy was there, and some of her family, plus almost all of Puddle's family knows sign language too. Whoda thunk?)

Everything seemed to flow seamlessly. What a fun day to see one of my best friends get hitched!

Their entrance to the world as a married couple

Bride, groom, and parents share a romantic moment

Me and Todd.

The bride and her best friend :D

The four of us. I think we will be great friends.

The very pretty cake

And cake in the face

Britt. She was taking the pictures so she didn't get to be in many

Saturday, August 02, 2008

One Year!

Well folks, we made it. Up to the the mark where everyone says the hardest is over. sweet. Anyway, we spent Thursday night at mom and dad Faber's house to make sure the kids weren't throwing a wild party while they were away. We got up and ate breakfast at Magleby's Fresh, only the best french toast and pancakes around. Then we came back and put on some nice clothes to go to the temple. Lauren was so nice and loaned us her camera for the day so we could take pictures. In the temple we did sealings, which was such a fun experience to kneel across the alter from one another in the exact same building wearing the exact same clothes exactly one year after our special day.

After the temple we packed up our things and headed to Park City. While we were up there we went shopping at the outlet mall, but pretty much everything we saw was ugly. I ended up getting a black skirt (which has been much needed for a long time now) and a shirt that I will probably end up taking back because it was more expensive then we thought it would be. But still fun anyway. Then we just ate lunch at Burger King and relaxed a bit.

After lunch we headed over the the Alpine Slide. When Todd found out we had to go up on a ski lift he said he wouldn't go. We were going to have caricatures of us drawn instead, but when I was off looking for an ATM to pay the guy, Todd decided to man up and do what we had set out to do. We got on the lift and he was very brave. I made it all the way to the top without losing circulation in my arm once. When we got to the line at the top, we decided to take the less adventurous trail because the line was much, much shorter. We had a great time! P.S. as you are looking at the pictures, please notice that I wore my wedding shoes in commemoration of the day. :)

When we got done with the slide we could finally check into our room at the Yarrow Hotel. We went up and just relaxed and watched TV for a while. Then I got ready for the evening by putting my hair up. But I forgot to bring a mirror so it was very hard in light of the fact I couldn't see the back of my head. Oh well. We got all dressed up, and Todd wore his wedding tie, while I wore my wedding jewelry and the dress Todd gave me for our wedding (I didn't put on 15 pounds by getting married, it still fits!) We drove around for a while looking for a place to eat, but ended up eating dinner at our hotel. I know, ha ha. It was very tasty. When we were done we went and dressed up our wedding cake with some strawberries to make it pretty again. Unfortunately the blackberries we bought turned out be be moldy. rats. We also had some Martinelli's from martini glasses (both of which were stolen from my parents. THANKS mom!) And also thanks to mom for keeping our cake in her freezer that doesn't defrost, because it was still absolutely delicious. And by the way, Todd put the captions on these last pictures. Enjoy!!