La Famiglia Itri

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ten Months

Sorry, I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to publish it. Here it is!

I am a day late with this post but it doesn't mean I am not insanely in love with my little boy. Here are some things about him:

absolutely loves water. will crawl to the bathroom from anywhere in the house if he knows Lila is in the tub. loves going up stairs. eats mostly baby food, but loves when he gets bites from Mama's plate. giggles a lot. not very fond of being in the basement. loves his sister, but doesn't love being squished by her. has adorable ears. has beautiful blue eyes. is following a perfect growth curve. has light, thin hair but it's actually kind of long. crawling everywhere. has almost completely given up sliding around on his tummy. did go through a transition period of some crawling, some sliding. great climber. likes riding in the stroller or the bike trailer. hates his carseat again. obsessed with mommy. likes to headbutt the floor when he's mad. likes to backwards headbutt his high chair when he is ready to get out. grabs mom's hair and headbutts her in the forehead to show he loves her. headbutts mom's chest when he's sad. is at the stage where we constantly chase him around and have pillows and blockades all over the house. (i.e. is constantly getting in to trouble). got a little confused when dad shaved his beard again. wakes up to eat between 5:00 and 6:30 most mornings. only sometimes goes back to bed. If dad is in bed when Nick finishes eating and he doesn't want to go back to bed, he immediately giggles and tries to wake up daddy. makes cute sounds. tries to copy things we do. for instance, grabs his baby sponge comb thing and tries to comb his hair after mommy does it. loves to play and roughhouse. growing so fast and becoming such a fun little man.

Here he is loving his bath while I type this post
This is how I usually have to shower. We do it in the early morning when Lila is still sleeping.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lila Finishes Her First Year of Preschool

Lila has really loved preschool this year. She has done great and really started to learn a lot! Her teacher, Miss Pamela has been wonderful. We have felt safe sending Lila to her home, the price was very reasonable, Lila came home with great art projects, and she loved every minute! We thought it was great enough to keep Lila going in the summer.

We enjoyed a fun little ceremony for finishing up preschool. Lila did great! Only one kid in her class spent the entire time on his daddy's lap, refusing to participate. I had worried that Lila would be that kid, but instead she did amazing!

The kids did some of their fun finger plays and songs for us.

Lila picked the cat out of the bag! Haha. Then we all got to sing Old MacDonald had a cat.

Every so often, one of the kids got to do a talent. Unfortunately, Lila didn't enjoy the talent of one of her friends.

When it was her turn, she stood up and got going immediately. I bet most people had no clue she was even doing her talent. You might not even catch it at first.

I am not 100% sure, but I think I know why she chose this talent. Way back around her 4th birthday, we took her in to get a well-child check like good parents do. We did a little child development questionnaire before her visit. It asked questions like whether or not she can speak in complete sentences, if she socializes with other kids, and whether or not she can stand on one foot. Well, she passed virtually every question. Except that she couldn't stand on one foot. She has been practicing ever since. We talked about the talent show a good month before it took place. The first thing she wanted to do was dance. But the next time I asked, she said she wanted to stand on one foot. For the rest of the month, she didn't change her mind. And she totally could have done a great job even without Miss Pamela's help!

At the end, Miss Pamela introduced each kid by showing off a book they made about themselves. It was so fun to hear all the cute things Lila said about herself. It was all totally spot on.

Our attempt at a family picture
I don't know how we managed to not get any picture with the grandparents, but they came. It was wonderful. Grandma Faber took time out to come, Grandma Itri happened to be in town and made it, and Grandma Lila and Grandpa Great were feeling good enough to make the trip. She was well loved! We are so proud of you, Lila!