La Famiglia Itri

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Wonderful Day

Today was a wonderful day. I don't have any pictures to commemorate such a nice day. Lila didn't wake up until 9:00. (For those of you who heard last that she wakes up at 9:30, that is no longer the case! Lately its been between 7:30 and 8:00). Then I got up and was able to pick up the house to a pretty decent cleanliness level. Then Lila was good when I got ready for the day. And my visiting teacher came over and we chatted for quite a while- she is so wonderful!

Then Todd came home, I ran an errand that is on my long list of errands to run, I went visiting teaching and then Todd and I drove his brother Kyle to the airport to send him home to Philadelphia. After that, we went to visit my grandparents! We haven't had a chance to visit them for a while and we missed them. We went out to eat and Lila was actually pretty well behaved. And everyone's food was good. Then we went back to my grandparents' house and visited and played games. I just love how great these people are. It's hard for me to imagine that they might ever not be around, and feel so lucky that I have been able to get to know them throughout my life. This is also the grandma that Lila gets her name from. It made the day extra special because it is really the first time that she has called "Grandma Lila" by name so much (besides identifying her in pictures), wanted to sit on her lap, and really warmed up and played with her. She also started warming up to "Grandpa Great."

Then on the way home we had a fun experience. I was reading out loud in the car, and when I stopped Lila asked me to keep reading. I told her my voice was starting to hurt because I am a little bit sick. She said "Daddy, Mommy need a blessing, she sick!" It was so cute. After Todd responded, she also said that I need medicine because I'm sick. It made me so proud. Spiritual things come first. Even though I am no where near sick enough to need a blessing, it is cute that she would think that first. Todd said maybe the reason she knew that was because he had to leave a few weeks ago to help give a blessing for someone who was sick. I also told him that we had talked about blessings the other day when we were looking at her picture on the wall with her blessing dress from being a baby. Then she piped up and said that she was sick in the picture with her dress. It was cute. So we explained that there are other kinds of blessings that people can get.

I know probably no one is that excited to read a synopsis of my day, but it was just such a nice day I had to record it. I hope everyone else was able to have a nice day too!

The picture we have on the wall

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I just love it when all my sisters come to town. They are all pretty great. I usually don't blog about it because there is just too much fun stuff to have time for it all. So instead of acting like this wonderful time didn't happen, here is the readers digest version.

Uncle Matt holding our Towels

Lila getting mad that I was trying to help her bowl- "Stay back!"

Ammon cutting off the arms of the Lamanites

Family Pictures (sorry I don't have any real ones yet)

"Father's Night" coordinated by Jasmine since everyone was leaving right before Father's Day

Lila looks happy. She probably just won a fight for Grandma's attention

Temple Square Visitors Center

A shot of the temple during Lila's first real temple trip

The kids getting to touch the temple

Lila's first choo choo train ride

Grocery shopping at the Children's Museum

All the kids posing for a picture, except Lila who wouldn't stop pushing her stroller

Kickball with children as an interesting new challenge added to the game.

Gold Star

A few weeks ago I realized that no one was picking their kids up from nursery in a timely manner. Well, some people probably were. But Lila tended to be the last one there... I decided I needed to clean up my act. I should not be leaving her there even if it takes me forever to clean up stuff after church. So I started getting her as soon as church was over. She soon found out that there are sticker pads in a drawer in the primary room. It didn't take long for her to develop a routine where she came in and headed to the drawer as soon as I wasn't looking. She would put in her coloring page from nursery, pull out the stickers, and go to town. She usually gets about 15 stickers on her before I notice. (Except that now I keep an eagle eye out for her). Two Sunday's ago she had a bunch of star stickers. And she stuck a gold one right on her forehead. I guess she is really proud of her accomplishment.

My gold-star child

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tender Mercy, Anyone?

About two weeks ago we had a bunch of Todd's family over for his brother Kyle's birthday. We had some yummy rotisserie chicken from Costco. While we were shopping for it, we stopped by the aisle where they were selling toilets. I know it sounds not that exciting, but Todd and I have watched these toilets go in and out of stock over at least a year and a half. We wanted one when we remodeled our upstairs bathroom, but when we went to buy it they weren't selling it anymore. We had to settle for a less-cool one at Home Depot for about the same price. So anyway, Todd has been talking a lot lately about finally tackling our downstairs bathroom. I had been doing a pretty good job at resisting until I saw the tile next to the toilets. It was beautiful! So I finally gave in and we went back the next week to pick up our new toilet and tile.

Back to the chicken. As we were getting some more chicken out for the table halfway through the meal, I slid the old plastic package from the first chicken onto the stove. Of course that wouldn't be story worthy if the burner hadn't been HOT. The plastic instantly melted in several places.

I was distraught! But, thanks to my new homemaker/mommy status, I took some time the next day to look online for some tips on how to get it off. There were several of course, but the one I felt like I was seeing the most was a razor blade and some WD40. I thought I would try it, but didn't really want to buy a whole bottle just for that, so I just shelved the idea for the time being.

The next Monday Lila and I went swimming at my mom's. After Lila's long bath with a little too much bubble bath in the jetted tub, I decided I should probably clean out the bathtub in return for the millions of favors my mom constantly does for me. Including letting me swim in her pool and bathe my daughter in her bathtub. Well, I don't really know where my mom keeps all her cleaning tools, so it took a while to find what I was looking for. And during my hunt, lo and behold I found some WD40! So I took another favor from Mom.

It worked pretty well on my stove. In fact, I finally finished cleaning off the ever present ring of blackness that I had spent several weeks at different times scrubbing like crazy with some baking soda. The slick stuff took the rest off with a few swipes of the blade. I was very pleased. And of course did not remember to give the WD40 back right away.

On Saturday we started preparing our tile for the bathroom. We had lucked out up to this point with minimal damage caused by the demo, a laminate floor that extended all the way under the vanity (thus making tiling MUCH easier), and only a very, very minimal occasional drip coming from the pipes the sink hooks up to- easily controlled with a hand towel.

Just getting the tile cut is taking forever because we are too cheap to buy or rent a tile saw and just take our tiles to the store and have the workers cut them for us. Like most projects, we have taken several more trips than we originally anticipated we would. This afternoon when we got home, Todd noticed the little leak seemed a little more, and tried to tighten the shut off valve a little more. You can probably guess that he only made it worse. So we made several calls and frantically looked in closets and behind vent cover thingies trying to find our main water shut off. Yes, we realize that we should have known where that was already since we have lived here for over two years.

When our goose chase finally ended we found the valve only to discover it was stuck. Completely, utterly stuck. And it is scary to put a lot of pressure on the spot where water comes into your house. We didn't really want a flood that insurance refused to pay for because we hadn't done proper "maintenance" on the pipe. (I sometimes wonder if our insurance would pay for anything....)

We again turned to the internet. We saw that several people recommended loosening the nut a bit and turning the handle the opposite direction. Our nut turned and started leaking but still no luck with the handle. Then we sprayed some of that WD40 on to see if it would loosen things up. Still tight. No movement whatsoever.

By now it was 7:00 pm. Time to pay plumbers after-hours premiums. We called the city safety line and they said the city people could come turn off the water to our house but it would cost us. So then I called a plumber that advertised 24/7 service with no extra fees for nights and weekends. I am pretty sure the secretary takes her phone home with her because she answered "hello" after about six rings and I could hear a bunch of people in the background. I was very confused and asked if I was calling a pluming service. She said yes. I told her we needed someone to come help us, and she told us to call back tomorrow. Not so 24/7.

I called another one. This time I was actually connected with the on-call plumber. He told me to get some specific type of pliers and turn the handle. He said I could twist pretty hard without being afraid of breaking it. If I still wanted him to come over or it didn't work, then I could call him back and he would come.

So I went downstairs, spread the pliers (hoping I had the right kind), and got ready to put my weight into it. Instead the handle turned easily as if it was never even stuck.

As we waited to see if the water would stop (and learned that it doesn't stop immediately), I couldn't believe we had figured it out. We attributed the miracle to a little WD40 sprayed on at least a half hour before.

Then as we watched the trickle turn to a slow drip and eventually stop, I suddenly became very, very grateful for a little bit of melted plastic on my stove.

Our main water shut off

See my friend WD40 in the corner

Just in case you didn't catch it, this post is implying that we are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us and really takes care of us. His tender mercies are truly all around us. And he certainly knows our needs individually.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Name that Face!

I don't know if that is the official name of our game, but Lila is pretty good at it. We surf through blogs and facebook pictures and she identifies any family members she sees. It is fun because she knows so many of the faces. But in different contexts she sometimes gets confused. Occasionally she even hesitates on a picture of me! But I think it's funny because she has some tendencies.

 If she doesn't know who the person is, but they are a Faber, she usually guesses Brayden. Jasmine and Taylor get that the most. She always recognizes Brayden and gets him right, but I guess she thinks everyone else looks like him too.

 If she doesn't recognize an Itri girl she guesses Stephanie. And she just thinks all her Itri uncles are daddy. I guess they do all look pretty much alike.

She is very impressive when identifying the babies. She rarely misses baby Declan, baby Tanner, or baby Jacob.

And she always shrieks excitedly whenever she identifies grandma or grandpa (either Faber's or Itri's). They don't seem to be in as many pictures so I guess she gets excited when she sees them. And for some reason she always recognizes them right off the batt. Yay for families!

Daddy, Uncle Matt, Uncle Darren, Uncle Will, Uncle Taylor, Grandpa

Lila, Mommy, Grandma Lila (I am really excited she recognizes Grandma Lila now)

Kylee, Adam, Ellie, Lila, Mikayla, Reese, Jason, Liam, Brayden

Aunt Lauren, Grandpa, Aunt Shelly

Uncle Rob, Aunt Stephanie

Aunt Danica, Baby Declan

Aunt Danica, Uncle Darren

Baby Samuel (she doesn't recognize him yet. Give her a break he's only 3 days old!)
Uncle Matt

Uncle Rob, Grandpa, Uncle Dan

Aunt Kelsey, Grandma Itri
Aunt Danica, Aunt Jasmine, Aunt Jessica, Aunt Lauren, Aunt Shelly, Aunt Anna,  Mommy, Aunt Kenzie
Seth, Crystal, Baby Jacob, Jensen, Reagan, Lila
Aunt Lisa, Mommy, Grandma, Aunt Kelsey, Aunt Stephanie
Uncle Brian, Grandma, Grandpa
Mikayla, Lila, Kylie, Brayden
Ellie, Aunt Jessica, Reese
Aunt Jasmine, Kenzie, Anna, Lauren, Uncle Darren, Aunt Shelly and Jessica, Mommy
Reagan, Jensen
Baby Tanner
Aunt Kelsey, Uncle Dan
Uncle Taylor, Aunt Jasmine
Aunt Kelsey, Uncle Dan, Uncle Scott, Seth, Aunt Lisa, Baby Jacob, Crystal
Baby Jacob, Aunt Lisa
Adam, Ellie