La Famiglia Itri

Friday, November 28, 2014


Well, Halloween this year was mostly great. Lila's best friend Kayla came over to play in the morning, and I sure had some of the prettiest princesses prancing around my place. They traded shoes for a while mostly because Lila is obsessed with Kayla's Elsa shoes (But in case you were wondering, Kayla actually went as Cinderella. The blue shoes just happened to go with the outfit). Lila was Sophia the First. They were simply adorable.

Princess Sophia and my little Jack-O-Lantern

We ate KFC for dinner, which, by the way is one of my favorite traditions of any holiday though I'm not sure why. Nikenzie took Lila out trick-or-treating so I could hand out candy at my house, which turned out to not really be necessary. I only handed out candy to three groups of people. Later I even left the bucket outside and no one stole all the candy. I was shocked. I guess no one ever comes around our neighborhood. But I did get a chance to take a few pictures of the babe while the others were out.

Then we all went out together. The bummer of the day was that Todd had to work, but he met up with us when he was done and caught the last 20 minutes of trick-or-treating. Note the amazingness of my 16 year old sister who chose to go trick-or-treating with us instead of hanging out with her friends. I'm not sure Lila would have really gotten to do much without Nikenzie since I didn't have Todd and Nick of course needed to be carried around. Thanks Kenzie!!!!!!

Lila brought in an amazing haul. In addition to the hot chocolate on one porch and scones on another,  almost everything in her pumpkin was chocolate, with just about half M&Ms. I am betting that whenever she got to pick her own treats that's what she picked. She does like her M&Ms!

One of the cute things I want to record for memories is that Lila kept getting flustered that people were asking her if she was Sophia. She would respond "no, I'm just dressed up!" Sometimes she would take it pretty well, and others she would get a serious pout going on. She always either corrected them by telling them she was just lila or that she was dressed up as Sophia. But she wouldn't let anyone think she might actually be the cartoon princess. Anyway, by the end of the night she was totally beat. I love the dried hot chocolate on her chin. Love this girl.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lila Lately

So this was a while ago but I thought it was so cute I need to write it down so I never forget. A few days before our ward fall festival I told Lila we were going to eat dinner, play, and trick or treat at the party. She asked me what we were going to eat and I told her chili. The day before we were talking about it again, and Lila said "and we are going to eat cold!" I was really confused for a minute until I realized that she has never eaten chili, so instead had heard me say chilly.

Another silly thing she just started doing is talking about Utah as if it were a being with feelings. She says she doesn't want to go to Philadelphia because Utah will miss her. She tells me she will take care of Utah with her husband when Todd and I am in Philadelphia. And she has even started associating Utah with the wall so she can kiss Utah and hug Utah. 

Also, she calls Bandaids bandages.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UVU Got Bowling!

We were excited to find out that UVU now has a bowling alley. We were even more excited to find out that the first Friday of every month bowling is only $1 with $1 shoe rental. And since I have my own shoes, it only cost $8 for the whole family to bowl two games! Lila was excited because it is the first time she got to wear bowling shoes. It was also sweet because when we were done with our two games, we decided to do one more. When we went to ask for another game we found out the alley was rented out only 15 minutes later. So they gave us free bowling until we had to leave. Todd and I got in one more game each and Lila didn't throw a fit about not being included. For all three games both Todd and I bowled over 100! Todd got the high game at 154. We like bowling!

Monday Night Football

Family night this week included an awesome Eagles game. Everyone has more fun when the Eagles win, especially because daddy is happy! Plus, they won 45-21. Even better!

Lila was sad that she didn't have an Eagles shirt, but then proceeded to wear her UVU shirt to bed on Monday night and Tuesday night, and refused to take it off all day Wednesday. She's such a cutie.

Three Months

Today my little man is three months old! And boy has he changed. Pretty much everyone who sees him comments on how big he's gotten. And even I feel like he is growing a little abnormally fast. He seems a lot bigger than his cousin who is six weeks older than him. A baby girl in the ward was born the very same day, and when his mom saw that he wears size two diapers, she said her little girl wasn't even close to fitting into them. Here are a few bits about him:

Not that perfect, quiet baby anymore. Starting to drool a lot. Blows bubbles when he gets hungry. Has added a shriek to his cry. Goes from screaming to giggling back to screaming in less than a minute. Likes his mommy. Doesn't seem to be as afraid of Lila anymore. We hope this is simply because she doesn't always smother or smash him when she is near him. Still only takes his binky when he feels like it. Wants mom and dad to stand when they hold him. Has really helped mommy out by taking a bottle the few times she's worked. Loves looking in the mirror mounted on his swing. Gets even more excited when we turn the mobile on and he can watch the little animals spin around his face. Not sleeping as well at night. Still loves to be swaddled. Has the cutest giggle and once even laughed. Starting to stretch size three month clothes. Wears size 2 diapers. Hates driving. Makes us happy.