La Famiglia Itri

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lila Grows

I feel like the last few months have brought so many changes to my beautiful baby. I think she isn't really so much a baby anymore. Really sad. But also really happy to have such an active toddler who loves me! She has realized what's happening when I get ready for work and latches on to me long before it's time to go. And she cries any time I hand her to Todd. I don't want her to be sad but I'm so glad she likes me even though I work. Anyway. Here are some of the things she does:

She play's at the mall with her cousins:

 She and her mommy play with her aunts:


She drinks out of her sippy cup:

She sometimes dresses as a baby rapper:

She cuddles with "Mr. Moose":

She thinks it's silly to play with her old stuff:

She plays dress up with mommy's clothes:

She gets presents from her grandma's- These ones are for easter from gramma Faber and gramma Lila. The little ball lights up and she figured out real quick how to hit it to make it light up. She still likes to hit it and make it bounce. The ducky stuffed animal she also loves and cuddles with all the time. Unfortunately I had to eat most of the candy in her box for her. 

She also got a pretty easter dress, courtesy of gramma Faber. She looked so pretty easter Sunday! She even got to help us look for some easter eggs. I think she'll enjoy that a lot more next year though.

She loves to play in laundry baskets:

 And she's just plain cute. I sure love her! Some other things about her: she walks all over the place, but once I helped her down the stairs by lifting her and now she is scared to step down them herself with just holding my hand. Apparently she walks just like Todd used to- always with both her hands up in the air or straight out in front of her. Describing it she sounds like Frankenstein... but she doesn't actually look like that! She still loves to play with cell phones and get into the dishwasher. She is getting better at talking to us with her hands. She can say outside, more, eat, milk, banana, apple, finished, shoes, and please, plus she folds her arms when we say prayer, then again right when we say amen. (smart kid has figured out the adults have their eyes closed in between). She actually says ball really well, and says dad really well too. She used to say mama, but for some reason she is shy about it now. I just love it when she is playing with a ball and just says "ball, ball" over and over. She even enunciates the L. 

She also has a molar! And her hair is crazy out of control. I'm not sure if there is really anything I can do to it to look cute, but I am afraid to trim it and make it worse. I guess I should make a decision soon. Really all we can get her to eat consistently are bananas, pizza, pasta, PB&J, and her baby oatmeal. Then sometimes she also drinks her milk. Depending on her mood she will take a few sips or chug the whole sippy cup. She also loves sweets (ice cream, cake, frosting, chocolate). She somehow already knows what's inside a candy wrapper and wants to eat it. Don't worry, we really don't give her treats very often. She's getting to be her own cute little person. I love her!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Dear Grandma

Hi Grandma! I have been thinking about you lately. Mostly because I finally had a chance to read The Help. Remember how you bought that for me a while back? Well I read it. Thank you so much for such a nice gift. Also I have been thinking about you because I haven't seen you in a while. I don't know if it makes me weird, but I sure like going on double dates with my grandparents. Todd and I always have an enjoyable evening with you and Grandpa, even if Grandpa is an old kermudjin.

I just want to tell you how great you are. I know that you check my blog religiously. Every single post I make will be read within a day because you will keep checking. And if I ever needed you I know you would try to help out in any way you could. Thanks for helping me a few years ago with Todd's birthday surprise. And for helping me with his birthday again a few years before that. And for the many dinners you have taken us out to. And the fun games we play. And the great trips you take us on. And thanks for visiting me when I was alone in college in Salt Lake before you went on mission #3. That meant a lot to me that you guys cared about me and remembered me up there. And thanks for always remembering our birthdays. Thank you for gifts at birthdays and Christmas, but mostly thanks for remembering us during those times.

I'm glad we have a daughter named after you. You are an example of love, strength, and perseverance. I hope that Lila will be able to see that part of you as she grows up. It will help me to always remember to be an example to her as well. Hopefully I can teach her the things she knows to have the strength that you have. I love you!