La Famiglia Itri

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writer's Block

So I have been trying to think of something cool to write about. I suppose my life is pretty boring. I don't really have anything to say, and no picture to speak of. I suppose I could chat about how Nikenzie and I finished Donkey Kong Country II on Tuesday, with a 102% completion rate. It was awesome. We just had time to turn on DKC III and Nikenzie just about cried at how "ugly" the new Kong character is. She basically begged me to never make her play him. I told her to bad! We will switch off to make it fair.

Todd finished up his finals today (as in Wednesday), but he still isn't feeling relief because we have to see what his final grades end up being. I'm sure he did great, he has worked really hard and had a really tough semester.

The peas in our garden have sprouted! I wish spring would stick around for more than a day at a time.

We FINALLY got internet working on our new computer in our house. We have been able to hook up our really old, really slow computer to the cable, but for some reason our new computer we bought last September never worked. My amazing (yet tardy) daddy came and gave us WIRELESS!!!!! We thought even when it worked we would have to plug it in, but we don't. I'm thrilled.

Pickles eat chocolate!

Friday, April 09, 2010


Shelly in her gray hitler stach:

(p.s. my mom paid a whopping $0.25 for this, and wanted to return it when she found out it wasn't black or barbell. However, it is difficult to return items to a quarter machine)

I defrosted my mom's freezer:

For Spinal Interventions (my old and Todd's current workplace) Christmas Party (I know, WAY long ago), we went to the Jazz Game and got box seats. At the beginning of the game we went down, split into 2 groups, and hi-fived the players as they ran onto the court. Unfortunately, the boss, owner, and entire reason the rest of us were there got stuck hi-fiving the OTHER team, while Todd and I got lucky with the Jazz. See his disappointment:

Well, I suppose you can better see his disappointment in the attitude of his 3 daughters who got dragged to the wrong team with him

Photo shoot

So my good friend Lauren Billings is starting a new awesome hobby of picture taking. She even has a way nice camera and one of those huge fold up light reflector/light blocker circle thingies. To practice, she took pictures of her little sister and some of her friends, including Nikenzie. I went along to hold that big circle. I also got a few shots myself. Note that I am not the master poser, Lauren is the one who came up with all the locations and stances for the girls.

The pro stance:

West Side Story:

I like shoes? This one was mine....

Nikenzies new apology card cover:

Sacrificing for the shot:

Old Birthday

So, Nikenzie turned 12 this January. She had a late birthday party that Todd and I helped chaperone with my Dad. She went lazer tagging and before the session she and her friends were able to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Even though this was a few months ago, I really liked the pictures so I thought I would share a few. Although they are a bit dark, if you look at them you can see some of the neat stuff.

The Birthday girl:

Nikenzie and her classmates playing with a whale:

Megan running away from the shark:

I got away, but Nikenzie wasn't so lucky. Good thing she has such a good friend (Maranda) to try and save her:

Notice the frightening clown playing lazer tag with the kids: