La Famiglia Itri

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today is a special day. It is the day that I found out I am a licensed Registered Nurse. I did it!! It took a lot longer than I was hoping because of several different events this summer (including a 3 1/2 week vacation), but it's done. Hooray!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baker, NV

After Maria left on Saturday, I got to go down to Garrison, UT, and Baker, NV with my daddy. I was lucky, he paid me to drive him down there so he could work on the way. I was suprised by the stories he told me. He had lived down there when he was younger and told me all sorts of stories about driving fast down the very straight, long, dirt road, and how you always knew when someone was coming because of the dust it kicked up. He also told me about herding cattle, and showed me where people lived. He obviously had a great time when he lived down there. I also learned that my Grandpa used to drive his own airplane and that is how he brought his kids to visit their relatives when they lived in California. Apparently, my Grandma didn't mind to much but got a little nervous with her three little boys when Grandpa flew over the mountains. I think I would be nervous too.

We went to the cool cave that's is there. I don't remember if it was in UT or NV. The hotel we stayed at is called the "Border Hotel" and literally sits on the state boundary line. The gas station portion and convenience storee is in UT, so they can charge UT tax which is lower, but if you just walk under a big archway in the convenience store you are in NV and they have a little casino because it is legal to gamble. Pretty interesting.

The reason we were there was to celebrate my Dad's Aunt Daisy's 70th birthday. It was pretty awesome. I met some distant relatives for the first time, and was reintroduced to a few I have only seen on rare occasions. I wish I got some pictures of the party but I was feeling really sicka and went back to the Hotel early while my dad stayed and had a blast.

It was really great to spend a little time with my dad. He is always so busy I hardly ever get to do stuff wth him. I loved to hear all his stories, and he was so excited to be back there with so many good memories. Hopefully we will go down there again sometime soon. I want to show Todd around. He couldn't come with us because he had to teach Sunday School the next day.

If you look closely, you can see the sign that says "Welcome to Nevada/Utah" (depending on which way you drive.) Sorry I didn't get a better picture.

At the gas station they have one of those old-fashioned pumps. My daddy taught me that it worked by gravity. You would pump it up to the top of the tank, let the gas flow into your car, then you could measure how much you used by the marks on the tank. Pretty cool.

Some beautiful clouds we saw over the mountains as we drove home: