La Famiglia Itri

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let the Spirit Guide

I just wanted to post a short note about a small experience I had last Friday. I have school this semester on Tuesdays, and for the first little while Fridays as well. I knew that I had school for 5 Fridays in a row, not including the day Todd's brother, Dan got married to Kelsey. (Actually, I did have school that day but I didn't go because of the wedding.) For all but one of those Friday's, I had a clinical rotation at the Utah State Hospital. For the other Friday, I had a lab about how to take a good assessment. Anyway, last Friday I got up in the morning and got ready for my USH clinical. I got on the computer to double check the time, 7:00 a.m., and the location of where I was to go. I thought about checking the schedule to make sure that was where I was supposed to be, but felt like I didn't need to. (You might think arrogant, but later we will see that it just may have been a message from the Spirit).

I got to the Hospital, and took my umbrella up the sidewalk to the administration building. There was one other girl from my school there. We waited around for a while, but no one else showed up. We paged the teacher, but he didn't respond to our page. We went outside in the rainy morning, and shared the umbrella between buildings while we looked for our classmates. Finally, a little after 7:30, we got a hold of another member of our class who was not scheduled to be at the USH with us. She looked at the schedule, and that day was actually the day I had scheduled to be at the assessment lab, while no one was really at the USH. At first I was frustrated because my lab didn't start until 9:00, and I had gotten up early. But then I found out that my classmate that I was with had been dropped off by her husband, and all she brought with her was a pencil and a few dollars for lunch. Her husband wasn't going to be able to pick her up until we were "supposed" to be done at 4:00, so I had the privelige of giving her a ride home.

Sometimes even silly little mistakes allow us to fufill the Lord's purposes and help out another Child of God.