La Famiglia Itri

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girls and Gardens

So basically the last 3 weeks have been catching up even more on life. I have had a pile of stuff in the living room that needed to be taken care of- and miraculously has gotten smaller faster than it has grown! Todd and I tried to get rid of one of the small annoying ones- I coupong to get new windshield wipers that we desparately need, but showed up 10 minutes after closing time. We'll have to try again next week. I have also kept up on the dishes and picking up junk pretty well too.

But the funnest was that Anna and Reese came and stayed with Mom and Dad for about a week. It was grand. And they would even come over in the mornings and play Donkey Kong with us. And by the way, I think Anna is better than both of us. That made it even better. And of course Reese had some turns as well (she would hold one controller, and whenever the other person died we would tell her it was her turn and she would trade us for the now useless one. She loved it.)

Todd and I started the garden today! We spend the morning in bed watching TV since I am at work tonight and we aren't able to do anything together. When we got up and were eating lunch at my parents', my dad asked if we would plant some peas and beans. And we were thrilled to do it! we went and got some seeds, raked the garden a bit (the soil there is already pretty good) and dropped in the peas and beans! Todd is really looking forward to beans in his salad and I want to crunch on those sugar snap peas. Once we harvest them we will plant a million tomatoes, including many cherry tomatoes. Then we will make a bunch of pasta sauce and bottle it, so my mom can stop buying the gross store kind and we can eat Todd's amazing kind all winter long, without as much work. Sounds great to me!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So after working the night shift for a bit, I started to get kind of lazy. Even if I hadn't worked for a few days I would still sleep in until 11:00 or later sometimes. I was having a hard time motivating myself to to much besides sleep, eat, and watch TV. So I have done two things to motivate myself.

#1: I have started making myself a "6 most important things to do" list. I learned about this in Mary Kay. Make a list of the 6 things you absolutely must get done in a day. Then make a list of other things you can do if you have time. I has really helped motivate me, and I have made a lot of progress in cleaning and organizing my house and my ever mounting stack(s) of paper!

#2: Playing Donkey Kong Country II. Yes, that's right. Playing Nintendo has made me a lot more productive. How? I knew you would ask. Well, I have this awesome little sister named Nikenzie. She is a morning person, and she also likes Nintendo. So on mornings that I didn't just get home from work, she comes over around 7:00 a.m. and we play Donkey Kong for about an hour before she goes to school. It gets me up and then I can start my day. I know, I'm genious!