La Famiglia Itri

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well, I studied pretty much the entire day. Bleh. Oh well. I need to do it if I want to do better in my classes. I have a midterm coming up that i really need to be prepared for. I should probably do more studying than I do.

Life is still pretty much boring most of the time, except when Ryan comes to play. We are so funny! Feel lucky you don't have to watch us, because we might get annoying sometimes. *sToRy TiMe* On Sunday Ryan was with me at my grandparents house and I was lying on his lap, and my dad came down the stairs. When Ryan heard his voice, he SHOVED ME OFF ONTO THE GROUND. Yes, you heard correctly, he shoved me onto the ground. But it was funny, and I was ok, so don't worry.

Ok. I think I'm done now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


How depressing! I don't even know what I just pressed but you don't get to read about my cool Psychology studying or my suitemates getting mad about the bathroom and how everything got fixed. Oh well. I'll just continue with whatever I was going to say and if you really want to know about the rest I'll tell you later.

My classes are ok, I finally decided that studying is a good thing, and I decided this in enough time to write papers and be ready for tests, so that's good. I really like most of my classes content (except for psychology because we are learing about a stupid stupid part of it right now. But it should get better), but I just have this problem where when I sit in a classroom I get tired and sleep... not a very good habit I don't think. Oh well.

The very coolest thing that I do up here: I eat lunch with some deaf people on campus. I've only been twice, but there's a "deaf table" at the Union Building every day from 12 to 1, so I went. It is a little bit scary to walk up to a bunch of deaf people you've never seen before when you don't even have much experience talking in sign language to anyone except who learned it with you so yo know all the same things. But I did it, and I love it. If everyone knew sign language I would use it all the time. It is so much better than speaking I can't even handle it. So far I've met a deaf professor, a Librarian, and a student, plus a hearing gal that works in the department of communication sciences and disorders. Wow. I am pretty lucky.

And of course, my little sister is amazing!! I went to her premire for her movie last night! It is a super cheesy kids movie that illustrates the story of Alma the elder. She is a modern day girl that is afraid to get baptized because her friends at school were making fun of her and telling her that they wouldn't be her friend if she did. So the missionaries told her the story of when Abinadi came before Kind Noah and Alma risked his life by believing and sharing what he heard with others. She was pretty much adorable in it.

Monday, September 05, 2005


This weekend was awesome. I got to come home for most of it, andI love being home. I got to see my family, go to church at 11, play the piano and eat whenever I wanted (except that I was lucky enough to come home on a fast Sunday weekend so there was some time that I couldn't eat). It was way easier to see Ryan, and we had a lot of fun together. But then tonight I had to come back here to this oh-so-dreary and lonesome place. Not to help at all was the fact that right before I left, some of my friends that had read Ryan's blog commented on the fact that they would be suspicious because of the lengthy one he had written on Sue. I told them that Sue was his best friend, and he had written one about me, too. Then they admitted they hadn't read that one. So I felt a little better but still, he had left my house early to play with Sue even after pouting about my parents and grandparents taking me home instead of him. So I got here to this godforsaken place, and read what he had written about Sue. I trust Ryan. And Sue, don't get me wrong I love you too. I wish I got to spend more time with you before you had to move. But I hope no one thinks I'm too possessive in saying that I am still pretty bugged.