La Famiglia Itri

Thursday, May 02, 2013

And it Came to Pass

Lila is not very good at listening when we read scriptures as a family. In fact, in order to keep her still for just a moment when we start she gets chocolate when we read scriptures every day. Usually a Hershey's Kiss. It takes her a moment to open the wrapper, then two moments to eat the chocolate, then she is off the walls again. We usually read the scriptures from the ipad, so sometimes I have wondered if she really recognized what scriptures were.

We keep a mini copy of the Book of Mormon in her diaper bag as one of the things for her to play with. Last week we pulled it out, sat down, opened it up and started saying"it came a pass, it came a pass, it came a pass, it came a pass." Todd and I were just about ready to die of pride. She is so cute. It is nice to know that she listens at least a little.