La Famiglia Itri

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!!

It's my lttle sister's birthday today! I hope everyone is excited for my little sister that just turned 11!!! She is probably the second most missed family member ofmine, next to my daddy. Well, life got a little better today. This weekend was really hard for me, but today it was just better. I went to my dance class and it made me so super happy! I got to talk to my Honeyman, and I called Lauren to say happy birthday. All my other classes are still pretty much boring, except I think I will really like my classical mythology class. I think the worst one will be my psychology class, and it is taking up 5 of my credits. So, that means I will spend more time on psychology then anything else. yick. Oh well. I will get over it. So have a happy day everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

U of U!!

Why hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am fantastic because I got to see my Honeyman yesterday!! Yay for Megan's sweetheart. And he informed me that Chris Money and himself were thinking I needed to blog. So… okee dokee!

College is pretty much stupid and boring so far. "Here's your syllabus. Come to class. This is when your test dates are." Gosh I can't believee how boring some teachers are. But one of mine came in wearing a toga, joker hat, and pretending he was drunk looking for a party. I think he might turn out to be pretty cool.

My roommates are interesting enough. One of them is catholic and her boyfriend lives three doors down (good band). So that can get kinda awkward when I am trying to get ready i.e. change my clothes and her boyfriend is sitting there. It's a good thing I can go to my other roommates room when I need to. One of my suitemates is a prep from Northridge in Layton. At least we get along, even though I think her ideas are sometimes way too stupid/selfish. My other suitemate just got here two nights ago. I don't know her very well, but I do know she was at the Real game yesterday. Lucky.

So life is pretty much boring and lonely. I haven't met anyone that I particularly like yet, but what can ya do? I don't hate anyone, but there is no way any of these people can become my best friend that I actually trust. Oh, and lucky me I am staying in the dorms that everyone decides to smoke and drink in front of. A party with alcohol was already busted on my floor. Yum. (No offense to those of you that enjoy that kind of thing. One of the guys I hang out with is one of them. I just don't like so much the fact that there is so much right next to me. Please don't ever invite me over for that kind of stuff.)

Well, I'm sorry I hardly ever post on other people's blogs. I always start then feel like a weirdo so I delete it. Oh well. And is there a time stamp that says when someone comments on a blog? I think it's annoying to have to guess the day someone put something on a blog. Just because someone posted something at 9:56 doesn't mean when you look at it at 10:00 they did it right before you looked. So if someone wants to let me know how to find out what day, that would be appreciated. Otherwise, maybe people can put the date in their comment when they post it. I know its fafetched'd, but I would like it!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Why hello everyone!! this is the blog that Ryan just made for me, so now i guess i am supposed to put something on it. but i am not a very open or trusting person, so i dont know what to say. i dont want to tell you all of my innermost secrets, although i'm sure you'd love to hear them. and the rest of my life is just work, ryan, work, ryan. And as much as i love talking about Ryan my special man friend Honeyman, i sometimes get annoyed at other people when they can't talk about anything but their boyfriend so i don't want to be like that. but he is pretty much the best thing i have right now. i would be much not as happy if i didn't have him. he's a sweetheart to me every day. i will miss him when i move away. (even though it's not that far away. oh well.) ok. i'm done. Ü