La Famiglia Itri

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Megan Needs…

1. Megan needs a theme song
2. Megan needs to work on her gun control
3. Megan needs help
4. Megan needs math help
5. Megan needs to become more acquainted with some of the conventions of spelling
6. Megan needs a cell phone
7. Megan needsan organ transplant
8. Megan needs coffee
9. Megan needs a loving home
10. Megan needs offensive player

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ooo la la!

Guess what? Ryan came down this weekend and we drove all the way down to Summerhay's and bought me a harp string! So after he left I went right over to my sister's house to put it in. I tied the harpers knot (pretty nifty, eh?), and strung the string through the hole in the soundboard so I could wrap it around the pin and tune it into place. Well, right away I noticed something was wrong. The string was bigger thant the strings on either side. Much bigger. In fact, the exact size of the string an octave below. That's right, I'm so stupid I got the wrong octave. I got the wrong octave!!!!! I was so dissapointed. But there was nothing I could do. But then, to my great surprise, my sister let me take her car to Lyon and Healy to get the right strind!!! You see, my sister also plays the harp, but more for fun because she stopped taking lessons several years ago. She had also been bothered by the lack of stringness, so she was eager to get another one. So I went and got it, and guess what? I BROKE it when E was stringing it. I was tuning it, and realized that I had done it wrong, which is no surprise because I have never done it right, but it always still works. And this time it would have worked still, but I wanted to do it right. So I undid it and started to do it the right way. But because I had done it the wrong way first, the string had already bent to that so it didn't like to be changed and it snapped. And lucky me again!! They always seem to sell the smaller strings three times longer than they need to be, so I just started all over again and did it right, finally. The only annoying thing was the nature of every newly strung string: you have to tune it about every minute. They always go out of tune so fast. But it was worth it to be able to play, I spent the entire afernoon there. Yay!

School is fun and life is good. I hope it's the same for ya'll!

Friday, October 14, 2005


I decided that music is magic. The past few days when I haven't been very happy all I've had to do is turn on some music that I really like and all of a sudden I feel a lot better. Even last night when I was studying for my midterm I was all of a sudden full of energy and just happy when I turned on Hairspray. And now I am listening to Savage Garden and it is just wonderful and fabulous! I love music. And I played my little harp yesterday. It is not even close to as pretty and as fun as my pedal harp, but my pedal harp has a broken string so I haven't really even played a harp for two weeks. But when I sat down to play it was so nice! I need to get another string but I don't have a car so I can't really get anywhere that sells one. I'm dying! oh well. There is nothing I can do about it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ballerina's and Tofu

I am back at the U and it's not too bad. I again can't eat whenever I want, I don't get to see my daddy very much, I miss my siblings, and my mommy told me she didn't have something I needed, but when I got back and found out she did, she said that she had told me that. But it is a lie. So now I am back home without it, and it would have been so easy to get had I known it was there. Bleh. oh well, what can ya do? Not much.

I have a huge midterm this Friday, and I was going to do decent, but now I have to do amazing because the teacher yelled at me today for missing class and sleeping when I was there. But guess what? I have only missed class once, and that was at the beginning of the term. And today my eye happened to be swollen, dry, and burning. You try to keep your eyes open when they feel like that. So anyway, now I have this stupid character flaw where I have to do amazing now so he feels stupid for reprimanding me. And so my life is devoted to studying. AHHH!!! I'm already sick of it. Oh well. My daddy will be happy that I got a good grade. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 07, 2005


Well hello everybody. Guess what? I got to come home for the long weekend. It's fall break at the U right now, so I am home just chillin and I worked Thursday and Friday. I miss it a lot. I wish I could just come home and work some more before I had to go to school. Oh well. School is good too. I like most of my classes, but I really need to study more for a stupid midterm I have next week. Eh, I'll get over it.

I hope everyone else out there is doing ok. I have made a new goal in my life to not get so mad and be such a girl. I am generally more forgiving than most people, that is something that comes really easily for me. Now I am going to work on not getting mad, frustrated, or bugged in the first place. People do things, and because of those things other people have every right to feel let down, disappointed, hurt, used, manipulated, or back stabbed. But I'm going to try not to feel that way when it happens to me. It's hard. I feel like I know the most logical way to do things, and when other people think or do differently it really bugs me a lot. So then I let people get on my nerves just because they aren't as nice as I think they are supposed to be. Well, maybe some people don't think it's rude to try to become best friends with everyone you know and then hang out with them without you (oh, by the way, "everyone" is not exaggerating, so then you would have zero friends). Or lie to you because they thought they would save you from pain (when really it causes you more). Or maybe doesn't do any favors for you while asking a lot more than just a little from you. Or thinking it's ok to NOT get you a birthday present. Or be bugged by something about you for a very long time and pretend there's nothing wrong, when they could just ask you about it. Or just do what you ask them even if they don't want to- just because you asked them. Or have something of yours and lie to you when you ask them if they do (are you sure, I saw it in your room). Maybe none of those things are rude, but sometimes I get hurt when people do them to me, especially when it seems they are doing it on purpose to make me unhappy. So it is my new resolution and goal to not be bugged by them, or any other petty little things that come up. Even when my suitemates give my roommate and I a forever long lecture about cleaning the bathroom when it's our turn (we cleaned it a day late), and then they skip their turn entirely, on the grounds that we didn't do the floor good enough last time so it's like they had to do double duty. I am not going to let it bother me.