La Famiglia Itri

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The sports gods where finally, finally, after twenty five long years, smiling down on the beautiful city of Philadelphia!!! Philadelphia has not seen a major sports championship in twenty five years, and the Phillies last night won their fist world series championship in twenty eight years, and for me the moment could not have been any sweeter! When the Phillies first made the playoffs this year, like always I was very hesitant about their chances of winning it all, just because of our past twenty five years of failures and misery! But as they kept wining and wining, my belief and hope grew and grew. By the time the world series rolled around, I felt a sense of confidence that I had never felt about a Philadelphia team that had made it to a championship. I really felt that they could win it, but I also wanted to stay grounded and not get my hopes up to much. But believe it or not they started wining. They started out by splitting the first two games in Tampa, and then when they went back to philly they went up 3-1 in the series! I couldn't believe it, it was here, there was no way they were going to blow it this time. The championship was ours. Then Monday was game five and we were all together to watch the clinching game, and everything was going right until it started to rain. It started raining harder and harder, and then Tampa Bay came back to tie it in the sixth inning and then they suspended the game! And they didn't restart the game until wednesday night! And during all that time we were all thinking "oh no, here we go again!" But sure enough this team was a team of destiny, and tore down the past twenty five years of misery and became world champions!!! It was the greatest feeling in the world! It was everything that I expected it to be, and we are now world champions! Megan and I watched and celebrated this game with family. Scott my older brother and his wife and little kids were there, and my younger Dan was there as well. What a great night, one that we will never forget!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Trip To Jackson Hole Wyoming

Well it sure took us a very long time to finally post and talk about our vacation that we had up in Jackson Hole Wyoming! We went at the end of August and now its already the middle of october, oh well! It was a very fun and needed vacation. I had just spent the entire summer working and going to school without any type of vacation, yeah I felt just a little burnt out! But lucky for us our good friends Christy and Jason invited us to go on this camping trip in Jackson Hole where they both have camped out many times before. Needless to say me being from Philly and not to familiar with camping, also still scared emotionally from the "not Nick" camp out when I was a little kid, (a family story) I was a little weary about the whole idea of not having any of the every day amenities, such as my own bathroom, electricity, and most important of all, NO Sports! I know I am pathetic. But Christy and Jason were able to calm my nerves and tell me that it would be just fine, and Megan just told me to suck it up and get over it. Actually that was the best part of this trip for her, no TV and no sports for four days! Well I was happy for Megan. 
We left late Wednesday night and drove all night and got to the camp site at about five thirty in the morning. The reason for that was at this site its first come first serve, so we were trying to snag the best camp site possible. We had to circle the camp site a few times but we were finally able to snag what we thought was the best one out of them all. It was kind of in the back corner away from most other people, which was nice. But the only down side to it was we would be the first place were the bears would have come in looking for food. Luckily we avoided any bear encounters the whole trip, but the first night was really windy, and because of that leaves and pine cones were falling all night. So we got scared and thought an entire army of bears were circling and planning and elaborate attack on our poor tent and us! Luckily we just imagined the entire thing. But I will admit I was cowering like a little girl!
So the first day that we were there, we set up our tent and got everything situated. Then we took a nap because we had been driving all night. Then we did a lot of hiking that day, and when you watch the video that we posted you can see some of the beautiful scenery that we saw! The second morning we made our now famous episode of french toast, if you still have not watched it it is a must see on our cooking blog! Then we kind of lounged around for a while and just soaked up the opportunity to just sit around and do nothing. Then later in the afternoon we went boating on canoes. Megan and I, lets just say we had a hard time getting in sync, and we liked going around in circles! But it was still very fun. Then we went back and made dinner and I continued to dominate in scum! I think I won fifteen straight games! Then the last full day that we were there we went into Jackson Hole. We went swimming, and site seeing, went out to dinner, and bought cool sweat pants that say Jackson Hole on the side. 
Thats about it. It was a very fun trip and I was able to overcome my need for sports, and only texted Scott one time to find out what happened in the Eagles pre-season game against the Patriots. Thank you Christy and Jason for inviting us to come with you guys, it was a blast!