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Monday, February 20, 2012

Crazy Lila Lips

Lila does lots of funny things with her lips. Here is just one example of her many cute lip tricks:

Pictures from Lila's Birthday

Lila is scared of cake when she first sees it. She doesn't want to touch it. And her first taste she always makes a face as if she doesn't like it. But never fear! By then end she gets angry when you take it away from her. Just like a kid should be.

We went to my parents house the day after her birthday so we could do cake all over again. Yeah we're awesome.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Birthday

I have been emotional for over a week about this. This is the first time one of my kids has had a birthday. I assume I will have many more in the future, for Lila and hopefully a couple more. But this is the first time. My baby is turning 1! What an amazing year we have had with her. I can't believe how much we love her. She has grown so much:

likes chatting away in baby language. seems to learn then forget her words (has said "more" and "all done" in sign language, and has said "bye", "mama" and "dad"). still loves baby cheetos.mostly wants to crawl but sometimes lets mommy and daddy hold her hands while she walks around. is weaned but still won't drink much from her sippy cup and mommy and daddy are worried about her fluids. will eat her applesauce cold now. likes to play with her duplo blocks. still loves to go outside, even when it's cold. likes to hand things to you then have you give it back. over and over and over. likes to feed mommy and daddy her cheese puffs. loves going up the stairs and having mommy or daddy chase after her. laughs and claps with people around her or people on TV. favorite toy is still the dishwasher. likes music and sometimes dances to it. sometimes would rather sit with daddy than with mommy. doesn't cry when mommy leaves for work. hates baths, but likes being wrapped in her towel when it's done. once she sets her mind on something it's hard to get her to forget about it. likes balls does this adorable thing with her lips. sorry, can't explain it, but it's cute. still not much hair. loves her grandma, sometimes prefers grandma over mommy. mommy is starting to get jealous that she likes daddy and grandma better sometimes. luckily mommy is still usually the favorite. usually is ok with being in her carseat, but when she doesn't want it, she really doesn't want it. although her hair isn't growing very fast, she is still growing more beautiful every single day!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Best Friends

I have a best friend. I suppose I have more than one, but not very many. One of these best friends is skipping town. It is very depressing. She is wonderful and has been there for me even when I didn't deserve her friendship. Truthfully we didn't ever really hang out frequently, but we have been consistent friends and she has meant so much to me over the years. She even surprised me when I was living in Philadelphia and just showed up there one day so we could hang out. That was one of the awesomest weeks ever.

Our daughters are destined to be friends too. Lila was born 2/11/11, and Brooklyn was born 11/2/11. Ha ha! Just a little transposition there. When we went to see Brooklyn in the hospital, we had a little dejavu because these two kids were born in the same room! A few little freaky coincidences if you ask me. Unfortunately, this wonderful friend and her lovely little girl are moving far far away. Really just to Arizona, but a 12 hour drive isn't really something that I think either one of us will make just for the weekend. Lukily her family is here in Utah still so she should come up to visit sometimes. I'll sure miss having her close by.

I love you Puddle! We will always be best friends.

The two turds:

And their pretty mommies:

As a side note for anyone who doesn't know, her name is Puddle. Just to clear up any confusion.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Lila's First word!!

Compare her technique Here