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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Shore

We had a chance to spend a few days with most of Todd's brothers in North Carolina. It was a nice few days. The biggest thing was that Lila became a bully. Her cousin Jensen is about 5 months younger than her. She took to treating him like her little torture toy. He would either cry or dish it right back to her. It was like if he looked at her or vice versa there were either immediate tears or retaliation at the gall of the other. They hit and pushed and grabbed and chased and screamed at each other.

Except sometimes. The few times they played together were so fun to watch. I have a hunch that this phase will be short term and can be attributed to the fact they are both in their terrible 2s. I'm sure they will be best friends as they grow up.

First Lila and I spent a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Itri's house and got a little cousin time in before Todd came out and we all went down to the shore:

Lila learned a little about the avengers. Captain America's frisbee weapon shown above.



Captain AmeriReagan

Thinking really hard

Lila and Jensen. Needed a little parental help to make sure each kid had their own cushion without encroaching on the others' space
A few days later we were all staying at a nice beach house.
Todd Making his famous French Toast
The deliciousness

Jensen being cute

Lila being cute

Jensen, Reagan, and Seth

Scott and Jacob

Rob, Jensen and Reagan

Crystal being adorable

Lila and mommy

Lila getting sunscreen

the Lazy boys Todd and Jason

Baby Tanner! Lila and I were so happy to finally meet him when we got to Philadelphia!

More Lila and mommy

She can't read so she doesn't know that "no running" is a rule.

The next day was one of the days Lila and Jensen got along for a while. After some quarreling over who got to sit in what chair, they found common ground in running back and forth across the deck. Screaming and giggling, they were a perfect pair.

Lila's best attempt at the sign for "I love you"

Our beach house:

A special thanks to Stephanie for the great pictures. I was terrible at getting my camera out during the trip. We don't have any pictures from the beach because no one wants sand in their camera! Also, apologies Steph if I stole all the best pictures and we have repeats on our blogs. For anyone who reads both, the credit goes to her!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Back Track

I keep forgetting to post about this. Although most people don't even read my blog, some people do. So I will let you few out there know that Lila no longer sleeps in a big girl bed. It actually only lasted about a week. Then we had a few really bad nap/bed times because she had a dream about a lion. So she was scared of monsters in her crib and lions in the bed. After some battling, we discovered that she was ok to sleep in her crib if we left her door open and got her a night light. And so its been ever since. I've been surprised at how she keeps sleeping even when we make noise just across or down the hall from her room. It's also kind of nice to have her still be my little baby for a while longer.