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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Look Unto Christ in Every Thought... Doubt Not, Fear Not!

This was the mantra of one of my favorite seminary teachers. One of the nice things about living in Utah was being able to take seminary during school instead of early in the morning, and having lots of great teachers. While I know there are a lot of great teachers that are called in other places to teach early morning seminary, it was nice to have teachers that were able to dedicate most of their time to teaching and planning their lessons. This particular teacher was very creative and effective in teaching, and I still remember some of the things we did in his class. One of them was the above phrase. Every single day at the end of class as we were all leaving, he would shout (depending on how loud we were as we were getting up to leave) "Look unto Christ in every thought!" and the class would respond with "Doubt not, fear not!" (reference Doctrine and Covenants 6:36). I also remember taking a challenge to do baptisms for the dead on a specific week, I went with my friend Kate Griffiths who was in the class with me.
Why do I bring up such a random, specific thing? I got a letter in the mail today. My own handwriting had written the address, and the return address was for "Bro. Mortensen." We called him Morty for short. Anyway, here is what was inside. There are a few errors, but hey, I was a kid! Try double clicking to make the images bigger:

"Youth Conference 2002"

"Me & My dance team in Cali!"

"In the car on the way to Cali"

"School picture 2002-2003"