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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Nice Purple Witch

Lila decided that she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. I didn't even think she was old enough to really understand the concept of choosing something to dress up as for Halloween. But when people started asking her what she was going to be for Halloween, she knew right away. "A witch!" And she never changed her mind. That is what she wanted to be. She also made a point that she wouldn't scare mommy when she was a witch. She wanted to make sure I knew she was going to be a nice witch.

One day I thought about it, and decided I would just buy her a costume since I am not very handy with my sewing machine. I sat down with my computer to look up some ideas. Lila came and sat on my lap. As I was going through pictures of costumes, it became clear very quickly that she wanted to be a purple witch. Any time I would pull up a costume with orange or red or pink or any other color, she immediately would yell "No! I wanna be a purple witch, not a (insert color here) witch!"

So we narrowed it down to a few witch costumes that had purple in them. Then from there she made up her mind about which one was her favorite. I did a little looking around and found a good price for one through amazon, and it qualified for my free prime shipping! So we went ahead and ordered it. Who knows if I ever would have made it to the store. For the next 6 days Lila would ask "Where's my witch mommy?" And I would tell her it was coming in the mail. Then she would tell me that she was going to be a nice, purple witch who wouldn't scare me. This girl definitely knows what she wants.

Finally we found it in the mailbox when we checked that Saturday night. She tried it on and looked adorable. Absolutely beautiful! Then for a week she would ask to wear her witch costume, and I would tell her she would get to wear it at the party on Friday. We also raided my mom's house and found her a broom! That was exciting. And we had a little cauldron bucket she could use instead of her usual pumpkin bucket. She had the complete deal.

Friday night came and we had our ward fall festival and trunk-or-treat. Lila looked so cute, but was having so much fun I just couldn't get a good picture of her. But trust me, she was absolutely stunning. I was a witch with her, and I think she liked that too. We had a lot of fun!

My Girl

I love my little 2-year old. She brings so much light into my life. Of course, she pretty much is my life. If I didn't have her I would still be working, and that would take up most of my time. I would probably have more friends. Or at least when I hung out with them it would be somewhere other than the park. But I love my life! I wouldn't trade my days with her for shifts at the hospital or our time at the park for a manicure out with the ladies.

I keep thinking to myself how perfect for me she is. She is my little girl. Boys are nice to, but for me right now with just my one baby, I am so glad she is a girl. I love how smart she is. I love that her language is coming along so well so we can have conversations. I love when she dances. I love watching her ride her bike. I love how she gets excited when we go to grandma's house or to play with friends. I love how she sticks her finger up in the air when she says something that excites her.

I love watching her personality grow. She is stubborn. She is feisty. She is passionate. She is just like her dad! But the best part is how caring she is. She notices when I am sad. She stops what she is doing, comes over and asks "mommy sad?" Then if I say yes she asks "why mommy sad?" She immediately calms down, lets me hold her, gives me a kiss, and tells me she loves me. Most of the time she also strokes my hair or arm and tells me it's ok. Then a little later as we are getting along with our day she will ask "mommy happy now?"

She also comes out and says nice things for no reason. sometimes even in the middle of playing she will say "I love you mommy." Today we went for a walk and she said "You are the best mommy!" She often refers to Todd as her "favorite daddy."

She narrates the world around her. For some reason it is just so cute. As we are going to do something she will always announce it as we go. For instance, as we set off with her stroller she will say "We are going to the park!" If a kid is mean to her, she will come over and tattle on them. But I don't think she does it to tattle, I think she just does it because she is used to telling me everything that is going on around her. She announces when her toy falls, tells me that she went pee pee (even though I was right there), explains what bugs are doing when she sees them, tell me that her food is yummy (or delicious), picks out words from songs she hears and uses them to tell me what the song is about, and just describes what she sees.

Although I must admit there are days I think it would be nice to go to work every once in a while to catch a break from it all, most of the time it's just wonderful. I had a hard time recently when Lila stopped taking naps and I lost my midday me-time. But I am adjusting and finding other ways to keep myself from wanting to lock her in her room. Even when I get mad I still feel that love for my precious angel. She makes me so happy!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Something Silly

I might be a weirdo, but I sometimes like to go back through and look at my own blog. It's been quite a while ago now, but I noticed something during one of these perusals that made me laugh. I was posting about being in Florida with my awesome sister Jessica, and playing with her kids at a gymnastics gym. I shared a touching story of how Lila's cousin, Adam, helped Lila up a net she was scared of. And I posted this pic:

Truly it was so sweet. But when I went back and reviewed the pictures, I noticed Adam in another:

I chose this pic so you can compare and contrast the two boys from the back. I am fairly certain that we didn't decide to change Adam's clothes halfway through our playdate. True Adam did help Lila up the net, but only after this first nice guy tried to help her. She didn't know him so she ended up not going with him. It's just funny that I posted the picture as if it had been Adam. But it wasn't.

Did anyone else notice?

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