La Famiglia Itri

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

School's Out!

I have finally finished my first semester as a nursing student. Whew. I thought at one point I was going to dropout because of how awfully unorganized the entire teaching staff was. However, I stuck it through. And now I am very glad I did. I liked getting to know the other people, and it was SO nice to actually work with other students who were there because they wanted to learn! What a novel idea. Who would think anyone wanted to go to school to learn? Well, I was actually thinking I was crazy for it the last few years, so it's good to know I'm not the only crazy one out there.

Next semester Todd gets to start school again too. We are not sure exactly what course we want him to take, he wants to do physical therapy but is not dead set on it. My daddy suggested the other day that he become a nurse, a nurse anesthetist, or a physicians assistant or something. So we are playing around with some ideas and just trying to finish up the last few generals that need to be taken. Todd is very excited to go back to school, despite the fact that I think he is crazy.

Work has been absolutely terrible lately. I thought I was just being whiny, until I found out that EVERYONE feels the same way. We had a staff meeting where we were all able to voice our feelings because management was not present, and there were a lot of tears shed because people had been bottling up their frustrations for so dang long. So today I took the liberty of making a list of job descriptions that I think should be incorporated into our office. I showed it to my fellow employees, and they all loved it. Hopefully I will find a way to implement it, even though I'm not in power. It really needs to be done.

That's it for tonight folks!