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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lila Turns 5

Today was a fun day celebrating 5 years of motherhood for me. Of course, it was actually celebrating that precious little thing that made me a mom, but I think every once in a while I can take a bit of credit since I grew her and brought her into this world.

She had a special Valentine's Day party at her school, and instead of all the kids bringing valentines for everyone, they each brought one gift and did a gift swap. Since it was Lila's birthday, she got to go first and got just the thing she wanted. She ate cheesy pasta for lunch (her fav), went on a date with daddy to the movies, had dinner at the "rice restaurant" (The India Palace), opened tons of great presents, and had doughnuts for dessert. She was delighted all day and I couldn't be more pleased to have spent the last five years with this girl. Here are some things about her:

kind. loves to pray. shy. bossy. favorite colors pink and blue. learning to play with her little brother. favorite hairstyle is a bun. takes ballet. Kayla Ho is still her best friend. can read simple books. likes to draw and paint. gets nervous around kids she doesn't play with much. favorite day of the week is Sunday. loves to clean the bathroom. likes to wear mom's socks as gloves. lately tries to wear her sandals even though there is snow on the ground. still likes getting hand-me-down clothes. much more fashion conscious- but her clothes have to conform to her own idea of fashion, not anyone else's. loves to play dress up with her friends. can clean her room properly by herself. can be a sneak and a cheat. learning how to be grateful for what she has even if it isn't exactly what she wants. enjoys doing nice things for other people. often tries to give her toys away to her friends as presents when they come to play. chooses a different color for each nail when we paint her fingers and toes. brave enough to walk into preschool by herself. loves school. calls out her parents when they make mistakes. honestly tries to understand life lessons and apply them in the future. loves singing primary songs. would sing them at church too if Kayla wasn't so distracting. has a truly good heart, but sometimes has a hard time resisting temptations. loves her family more than anything.

Lila got a lot of books for her birthday. I am so excited for her budding skill and I love it when she wants me to read to her. Yay for reading!

I babysat a kindergartener for my friend today, so he came with us when we picked up Lila from preschool, then we took him to school. He decided to photobomb our selfie.

A sweet gift from my neighbor and friend, complete with some balloons!


Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Lila! Love YOU!

DFabes said...

Glad she had a great birthday! 🎉

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!