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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lila is 6

Our dear daughter has turned 6 years old. My oh my. She is sometimes the sweetest, most wonderful, loving, kind girl. Other times she screams and hits and won't listen to anything. Oh the joys of raising children! But we always love her and I have learned to try and feel sad instead of angry when she is acting out. And to treasure and soak in all the great moments. How lucky I am to be this girl's mom. Here are some things about her:

still loves pink. kayla is still her best friend. LOVES kindergarten. i think she loves it so much because of her amazing teacher, Ms. Monroe. reads like a boss. adds and subtracts better than anyone in her class. still needs training wheels. likes going to the park. loves holding babies. loves playing in the snow. can make her own snowman. loves chocolate donuts with sprinkles. loves to draw and color. makes lots of messes with paper and writing utensils. loves star wars, although she has never even seen an entire movie. is nervous about moving. but sometimes also gets excited. is very concerned with how she looks. she looks great no matter what. likes to boss around her little brother. he never listens. is over-the-moon excited that new baby will be a sister. writes cards and draws pictures for people all the time. likes to follow the rules. doesn't seem to notice that she breaks all the rules at home. but follows them everywhere else. frequently informs her parents when they are doing something inappropriate ("mom, you aren't wearing your seatbelt!"). learning about music and loves it. her ballet class got more serious and technical and she says it's not as fun :(. is becoming more responsible. as always, we love her to pieces and can't imagine life without her.

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